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The 4 New Media Technologies All Publishers Need to Know

Traditional media publishers are finding digital publishing to be a lot more dynamic than print ever was. Even when television emerged as the primary way that advertisers reached mass audiences, nothing about the marketing part of the technology changed for decades. Any changes that would occur in print, radio, or television were relatively easy to see coming and media publishers could adapt, and even innovate Read More →


How One Magazine’s Makeover Might Provide a Road Map to Building a Community

Much has been made of Rookie Magazine‘s decision to revamp its website. Most notably, the publication for (and largely created by) teenage girls has aimed its sights firmly on community building and audience engagement as a means of boosting both traffic and ad revenues. Let’s look at Rookie’s tactics — and how they might help point you toward your own new frontiers of success. Keeping Read More →


3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition

While subscription can serve as your publication’s lifeblood, attracting new subscribers serves as the sustenance that will keep your publication growing and thriving. Unfortunately, and especially in the age of the Internet, too many organizations and associations have gotten caught up in marketing gimmicks that not only work to push potential subscribers away, but also that work to weaken relationships with current subscribers. RELATED: Exploring the Read More →


To Praise or Vilify Digital, That is the Question

Mark Thompson is the CEO of the Times Company, and Robert Thomson is the CEO of News Corporation. The Times publishes newspapers such as the New York Times, and News Corporation publishes newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. Not only do these two men battle each other for revenue in an increasingly competitive news market, they also have very different opinions on the role Read More →


What’s the Future of the Paywall?

For centuries, newspaper publishers offered the same stories and advertising to masses of people, and then collected their shekels each week as part of a subscription payment. The act of the paper delivered coming to the door each Friday to collect on the subscription costs had become as much of a part of daily life as the morning coffee. When something is done successfully for Read More →


How to Design the Ultimate Infographic

Publishers love infographics because they are visual representations of information that bring in a lot of web traffic. If you want your infographic to be effective, then you need to understand the elements that go into creating a visual presentation of information that people can both enjoy and use as a resource. It is not as easy as it sounds, but the results that come Read More →


How Spain’s Google Tax is Impacting Newspapers

Google News is an aggregator service that collects information from online news publishing websites and then offers that information in small snippets to the public. The payoff for the publishers is that the snippets also contain links that go back to the publisher’s websites. There are other news aggregators out there, but Google News is the largest in the world and it helps smaller publications Read More →


4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Mobile App

By now, most publishers have an app they use to interact with their customer base and drive mobile advertising revenue. But are you getting the most interaction you can with your app? There are a few ways you can not only get your app loaded onto more smartphones and tablets, but also increase interaction with your customer base and drive more revenue. SEE ALSO: What to Read More →


Google Invests Big in European Newspapers

As the premier search engine in the world, Google always has to be careful that it is as objective as possible when it comes to delivering search results to Internet users. Over the years, Google has been accused of favoring its own programs over others in search results, and nowhere has Google run into more trouble with the way it does business than in Europe. Read More →


Turns Out Millennials Really Do Care About News!

As Millennials take on more prominent roles in society, it is becoming more and more important to determine what they like and what they are willing to buy. One of the misconceptions about millennials is that they are more interested in interacting on social media than in getting the latest news. Nothing could be further from the truth and online publishers will want to pay Read More →

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