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From Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to Your Publication: Getting Readers to Click That Link

Social media is one of the best ways to engage current readers and find new ones. You probably already have Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts set up with fresh tweets, posts, and pins. But how do you get your followers to leave that social media site and land on yours? SEE ALSO: Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site Build Your Audience Read More →

4 Revenue-Generating Tips for Niche Online Magazines

4 Revenue-Generating Tips for Niche Online Magazines

PR Newswire recently quoted the Association of Magazine Media’s 2015 Magazine Media Factbook’s statement that within the past three years, the adult U.S. Viewership of magazines’ digital editions has more than quadrupled. That’s an extraordinary gain in audience numbers — and it’s time you captured a piece of that pie for your own niche publication. Here are four steps you can take to boost your Read More →

Target Audience

How To Define Your Target Audience

You likely know the term, “target audience”, but do you really know what it means? For many, a target audience is a group of people that is sought after for one reason or another. While this is true to an extent, a target audience is much more than that. If you’re defining your association’s or organization’s target audience as the people you would like to Read More →


Can This Work? A Look at Pop-Up Magazine’s Live Journalism Experiment

Magazines have been known to sponsor live performances by prominent musical acts or put together lavish awards shows to advance their subject matter, but most magazines would never think about turning their content into live performances. If you want to find a copy of Pop-Up Magazine on your local news stands, you are out of luck. Pop-Up Magazine is performed live once every six months Read More →

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Subscription Fraud Targeted More Than 40 Publishers, Say Authorities

You were receiving your share of subscription offers by mail long before you entered the publishing game yourself — mail-outs urging you to renew your magazine subscription at a great low rate before it expires, or inviting you to subscribe for the first time. They’ve always seemed innocent enough, and your own publication’s circulation has probably benefited from them over the years. But these notices Read More →


5 Takeaways from Cosmo’s Makeover

For its entire existence, Cosmopolitan has been a women’s magazine that guys avoided. One thing that Cosmo has always been good at is initiating makeovers and the latest makeover the magazine did was on its own website. Along with some content changes, Cosmo also made some functional alterations to its website that will make it more competitive going forward and in a better position to Read More →

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Consumer Magazine Circulation Keeps Falling

The chorus of “print is dead” keeps echoing all over the Internet and some of the latest numbers may indicate that there could be some truth to that idea. According to Folio Magazine, subscription rates to printed magazines dropped by 2.2 percent in 2014. Single newsstand copy sales dropped by 14 percent overall, but business magazines such as Entrepreneur and Inc. enjoyed another year of Read More →

Your Trade Magazine Can Grab the Attention of Industry Outsiders Too

Having a targeted audience is a cornerstone of a successful web strategy. People know they can get general news and information from a variety of sources, but they often turn to trade and professional publication websites to stay current in their profession. Trade magazine websites speak to fairly specific groups of people. Companies that sell tools or other products for people in specific professions prefer Read More →