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Expert Interview with Jacco Valkenburg on Social Recruiting

Whether it’s a business hoping to track down more qualified job candidates or job seekers wanting to get on the inside track with a coveted position, employer branding and recruitment consultant Jacco Valkenburg recommends harnessing the power of social media.“Instead of relying on selecting from the best possible applicants, organizations can use social media to proactively search for the best candidates,” the Recruitment Architect at Read More →

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How to Turbocharge Your Social Media Recruitment Advertising Efforts

Social media is becoming a focal point for job seekers and recruiters, either in terms of advertising of positions, or as a supplement more established recruitment techniques like the use of job boards. A number of startups are launching tools designed to work with social media to help employers find job candidates and job candidates find jobs. In the US, an estimated $140 billion or more is Read More →

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Job Board Managers: Leverage Social for Your Advertisers

Recruitment advertising is a great way to attract talent. However, your advertising strategy should be supplemented with an active presence on social media. The fact of the matter is that advertising will get you the attention of active job seekers. These are the people who are currently seeking a job, either because they are out of work or they’re looking to make a change. However, Read More →

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Facebook Flu, and the Death of Social Recruiting?

A research paper by two Princeton University students recently went viral predicting the impending doom of a giant in the world of viral web content, and it did so using an analogy based on how actual viruses spread. In case you haven’t heard, graduate students John Cannarella and Joshua A. Spechler, of Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, predicted “Facebook will undergo a rapid Read More →

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