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No, Social Media Won’t Kill Your Job Board

“Facebook is a massive threat, as they can offer segmentation by job title. It’s only a matter of time.” That’s how one responder replied to a recent Job Board Doctor Recruiting Trends survey. But social doesn’t have to play Lex Luthor to your job board Superman. Social media keeps growing and maturing. Some job boards are fading away. So let this be a period of Read More →


Do Bloggers Have the Secret Sauce for Newspaper Success?

Newspaper reporters and writers have the chops and credibility that many bloggers, even successful ones, can’t touch. But they have a different sort of secret sauce that could drive you to a new level of newspaper success.  The most influential bloggers share a few common threads that their audiences respond to, and so might yours. They’re not especially difficult, but they do require a different Read More →


How Employers and Job Boards are Handling the Quantity vs. Quality Conundrum

According to the Economic Policy Institute, most industries in the U.S. still have substantially more job seekers than job openings. On the surface, that should be good news for employers, since they can pick and choose from the best candidates. But the teeming mass of choices out there makes it that much harder to determine who the best choices actually are and how to connect Read More →


3 Ways Social Distribution is Like GPS For Job Ads

Targeted social distribution takes the largest resource for job candidates and makes all of the background noise disappear. It’s like GPS for your job ads because it takes them to the right place in as few steps and with as little effort as possible. One of the most difficult jobs in online recruitment is reaching the right candidates where they’re naturally inclined to spend time: Read More →


How to Develop Your Twitter Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting Solutions in 140 characters or less? You bet! If you’re not a Twitter user, the whole concept might seem confusing. And you aren’t alone in that impression. It looks fast and furious, and it can be. In a matter of seconds, a tweet can be buried under 10 or 20 others. But if you know the right way to use this social media platform, Read More →


4 Surefire Social Media Recruitment Building Blocks

If you don’t have a social media recruitment strategy, what are you waiting for? The days of wondering whether or not it’s important are long gone. Now we’ve moved into an era of finding the right building blocks to create the best plan. RELATED: How to Use Social Media to Turn Job Seekers Into Applicants The big three – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – are used Read More →


Why it’s Okay to Check Out Job Candidates on Social Media

Mother always said, “Don’t be nosy.” But in an era of voluminous information about people that’s so easy to find, recruiters and hiring managers would be remiss if they didn’t at least take a peek. Social media gives you more information about a person than a resume and interview. It’s not about being invasive, it’s about making better hires. RELATED: How to Use Social Media to Read More →


Why Social Media is a Wake-Up Call for Job Boards

Today, people live their lives through social media. Whether they’re getting invited to parties, finding great deals, or looking for part-time jobs, they will turn to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. RELATED: How to Use Social Media to Turn Job Seekers Into Applicants Job boards are a great place for job seekers, but more and more, people are using social media to find that Read More →


Why Social Media Will Play an Even Bigger Role for Recruiters in 2016

When social media networks first debuted, companies and recruiters viewed them as places where people posted cat pictures and looked up new recipes. But as time has gone by, social media has threatened to completely change the Internet. As 2016 approaches, recruiters need to respect the significantly increasing role that social media will play in finding qualified candidates. RELATED: How HR Can Get the Most Out Read More →

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The San Francisco 49ers Offer a Lesson in Engaging Millennials

When you see the term “recruitment” in association with professional football, you probably assume that it has something to do with the college draft or pre-season team member selection. At the very least, you wouldn’t automatically assume that it has anything to do with your own job recruitment site. But a recent TalentCulture story concerning the San Francisco 49ers organization brings up a very interesting Read More →

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