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4 Recruiting Solutions Used By Cutting-Edge Recruiters

The rumble of the next generation in recruiting solutions was felt a few years ago, and it’s starting to take shape. Some theories wash themselves out, such as the rush to adapt a mobile app. Most people don’t download them at all, and the ones who do rarely use them. But some theories really stick. And four of them are gaining both a following and Read More →


Why Programmatic Recruitment Advertising Matters

True technological revolutions only happen occasionally, and the talent acquisition industry is in the midst of a vibrant and far-reaching one right now. For years, talent specialists have focused on writing a better job ad and working hard to place it in a better location for optimum results. After those initial steps, the process has remained more of a “hope for the best” scenario than Read More →


We’re on the Verge of a Programmatic Job Posting Revolution

Can you feel it in the air? Like the shift from summer to autumn, things in the talent acquisition industry are growing a bit crisper and more sharply focused. There’s a job posting revolution that’s gaining momentum. It started subtle, but more and more recruiters and HR professionals are jumping on board every day. And you can be part of it sooner instead of later. Read More →


What Does Randstad’s Purchase of Monster Mean for the Talent Industry?

The talent industry is abuzz about Randstad’s recent $429 million acquisition of the job board purple behemoth, Monster. But the talk has less to do with the purchase and more to do with what it might indicate about the talent industry’s future. Monster’s fade from the spotlight was, at least to some, a predictable event that followed a slow and sometimes painful decline. Although it Read More →


Don’t Let Technology Replace the Old Fashioned Talent Acquisition Work Ethic

Newer talent acquisition industry professionals embrace technology and run with it, but old fashioned values and work ethic shouldn’t be sacrificed in the process. There doesn’t have to be a tradeoff, and there shouldn’t be. Of course, new technology has a way of improving the processes that need it. That’s its whole point. But “old” doesn’t naturally mean “outdated.” Instead of throwing out the baby Read More →


How Much Do Posting Jobs Really Cost You?

Open positions don’t save the company money, even though there’s no paycheck issued to an empty workstation. In some cases, especially with tech positions, the act of posting jobs means you’re losing money. And the longer the chair stays empty, the worse the situation becomes. You can learn a lot about the value of every employee on board by calculating the cost of that spot Read More →

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9 Vital Resources For Successful Recruitment Tactics

What will be the first step you take when one of your top performers resign? You will look for candidates who have similar skill set and experience to fill their shoes. Needless to say, it’s hard to find ideal replacements all the time. So, how do you deal with this situation? With an efficient recruiting strategy, of course. The problem is that no holy book Read More →


July 2016 Jobs Report: Another Month of Improvement

July 2016’s jobs¬†report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows better results than it has in quite a while. After a bit of cautious optimism in recent months, this report might indicate that it’s not a fluke; hiring really is on an upward trend, at least for now. “Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 255,000 in July,” according to the BLS. In fact, nearly Read More →

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Does Your Recruitment Process Focus on Top Talent or the Right Talent?

What do you think about when you hear the words “top talent?” What about “rock star?” Think they’re the same thing? In some cases, they might be. But sometimes the best person for the job isn’t an industry wizard with a list of credentials that stretches from here till November. There’s nothing wrong with reaching for the stars. That’s what you have to do if Read More →


LinkedIn Smart Search and What it Means for the Recruiting Process

The new LinkedIn Smart Search function and Recruiter interface, which were previewed last October, might bring in more paid customers, but they take some getting used to. The smart part of the equation doesn’t feel so smart when search results are less than half, or sometimes even lower, than before. But the problem isn’t the search, it’s the way that searches are performed. Used the Read More →