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How Times Have Changed for Salespeople in Publishing

Clients have changed with the times, and so has the way that publishing sales professionals reach them. “Revenue and conversion rates are falling,” says Peter Houston at The Media Briefing. And with so many choices, clients are taking longer and much more complicated paths from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom. The old client relationship tools don’t work anymore. And advertiser loyalty Read More →


Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media

Hardly anything changes as quickly as the state of the news media. Pew Research Center publishes research on the topic each year, and 2016’s report has a few surprises to reveal. After the Great Recession, news publishers have continually scrambled to find the true and right profitable course for the evolution that’s already underway. It’s not here yet, but there are some clues. With all Read More →

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

Do you want to see a dramatic improvement in all of your marketing and advertising efforts? Channel more of your ad budget into newspapers. That’s right, the same print news that has been the subject of many untimely death predictions is now being shown to boost ad revenue overall and improve the performance of other campaigns substantially. This news is the result of a Newsworks Read More →

newspapers and department stores

The Once-Thriving Marriage Between Newspapers and Department Stores is on the Rocks

Newspapers and department stores no longer have a loving relationship. After generations of what appeared to be a match made in heaven, retail giants, particularly Macy’s, are cutting back on the lifeblood that keeps newspapers alive. That’s ad revenue. While a suspiciously wandering eye permeates the real world versus digital climate, print and retail haven’t parted ways just yet. They still have a mutually beneficial Read More →


Journalists and Salespeople: Destined to be Arch Enemies Forever?

Journalists and salespeople have a longstanding, if whispered about, grudge. And the lack of cooperation that stems from the separate mentality can stop innovation in its tracks. The tribe mindset is a normal byproduct of groups working closely together. Sales is likely a tribe. Reporters are, too. And while it’s a natural effect, it can drive a wedge that pushes them farther apart. It might Read More →


The Washingtonian Took a Gamble with Its Homepage and Boy Did it Pay Off

The Washingtonian took a major risk with their homepage just after the first of the year and it turned out beautifully. Instead of the classic view, visitors got a newsfeed-style page with a whole new look and feel. But that’s not the only thing that changed. According to Digiday, Washingtonian homepage unique visitors climbed 18 percent and the bounce rate dropped by 30 percent. And Read More →


High-Touch and High-Tech: Why Publishers Need to Accommodate Both for Advertisers

If publishers want to win over a newer breed of advertisers, they’ll need to revisit what was great about the high-touch old ways. The technological innovation that makes programmatic advertising sales such a boon leaves one important gap, and that’s a personal touch. Accommodate both, and you’ll have a winning combination that sells. RELATED:¬†Exploring the Path(s) to Digital Subscription Adoption and Increased Revenue It’s a Read More →

digital publishers

What Virtual Reality’s Arrival Means for Digital Publishers

Picture it. You want to catch up with your mom or your best friend. But instead of picking up the phone or looking at a recent Facebook status update, you pick up a VR headset. And before you know it, you’re not just talking across the miles; you’re talking face-to-face in an experience that for all the world looks and feels exactly real. That’s where Read More →


How Will Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Affect the News Industry?

When Apple and Facebook decided to get into the news distribution business, the move signaled the beginning of the end for the ability of publishers to determine how their content is delivered to customers. On the one hand, social media platforms delivering news stories can affect just how much revenue the publishers can generate, and it can add a sort of random element to the Read More →

Mugshot Publication

Vermont Publisher Launches ‘Mugshot Tabloid’

  If you have never heard of a monthly publication called “Green Mountain Mugshots,” then don’t feel bad. While it is available online, it is only printed and distributed in the New England area. Still, this little 24-page publication is selling out at $3 a copy and it is selling out because people love to read about the misery of others. SEE ALSO: Can Civic Read More →