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How Data-Driven Recruitment Advertising Became the Gold Standard

Data-driven or programmatic recruitment advertising started off as an industry disruptor. Now it’s settling into its groove as a go-to strategy for employers, recruiters, HR, job boards and publishers. It’s defining how each element of the talent acquisition industry does business together. And it’s fast becoming the new standard. Like most technology that shakes up an industry then sticks around for the long haul, there’s Read More →


How Newspapers Can Profit from Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising takes the layers of competition that exist in publishing and makes it work better for everyone involved. Publishers reach a more receptive segment of ad buyers, advertisers target the right customers, and customers get a personalized experience. But for all of the industry buzzwords, there are still a lot of publishers (and buyers) who aren’t quite sure what it all means. In short, Read More →

The Emergence & Impact of Programmatic Advertising on Recruiting

Programmatic Will Change How You Recruit

If there is one takeaway from Simply Hired’s demise, it might be that the old ‘post-and-pray’ model is heading the way of the steam-engine railroad. While it makes sense that in the last two decades job postings have mimicked the legacy of print classifieds, now that more consumer and internet usage data is available to employers, job boards, publishers, and advertisers, online job postings were Read More →

How can recruitment advertising be more like regular advertising?

How Can Recruitment Advertising Be More Like Regular Advertising? (Part II)

In my previous post [READ PART 1 HERE], I wrote about how far the recruitment advertising industry is from the regular online advertising industry.  Just look at this “Display LUMAscape” to see a visual map of the ad tech industry (viewed by 2.3+ million people). The ad tech industry has hundreds of products and players that provide  different functionality and benefits to advertisers. Most of Read More →