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How Local and Independent Publishers Can Stay Relevant and Generate Revenue

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, perhaps small local and independent publishers should be designing a brand new type of vehicle for a different kind of road. There’s a certain freedom in the startup mode and energy of a small paper. Just as a new college grad has the whole world ahead, indie and community papers have nothing but options. Use them to your Read More →


How Programmatic Advertising Optimizes Your Job Postings

Automated job board postings, sophisticated algorithms and a “right place / right time” reach mean your ad placement is always optimized. It’s right for the job, candidates, and even the device that candidates might use to search for work. That’s the promise of programmatic advertising: it lightens the load and ramps up performance. Seasoned talent acquisition veterans have seen great change taking place in the Read More →

The Emergence & Impact of Programmatic Advertising on Recruiting

Programmatic Will Change How You Recruit

If there is one takeaway from Simply Hired’s demise, it might be that the old ‘post-and-pray’ model is heading the way of the steam-engine railroad. While it makes sense that in the last two decades job postings have mimicked the legacy of print classifieds, now that more consumer and internet usage data is available to employers, job boards, publishers, and advertisers, online job postings were Read More →


Programmatic Advertising: The New Normal?

Programmatic advertising is more than just automated ad buying processes — it’s also one of the hottest trends going today. This more efficient, granular method for positioning ads in front of the most relevant target audience possible has already proven its value online, and it could revolutionize the way advertisers use TV as well. Let’s take a moment to examine why this strategy has taken Read More →


Facts to Know About Programmatic Advertising

When it comes to recruitment for your professional association or organization, you already know that purchasing digital ads is a key part of success within the process. What you likely also know is that negotiating with advertisers, finding the right placement for your ads, and monitoring markets can be not only a pain, but also a money and time waster. To combat this, many associations Read More →

The publisher's guide to programmatic advertising

The Publisher’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising [Infographic]

RTB and programmatic are taking over the digital ad industry. It is estimated that 90% of U.S advertising will be bought programmatically by 2017. Programmatic advertising allows publishers to unlock the value of underutilized inventory by optimizing CPMs and targeting. It may be a few years before real-time, cross-channel targeting and optimization become the norm, but forward-thinking media companies are already making rapid progress in this direction Read More →