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Audience Development Technology

Is Your Audience Approaching Tech Burnout?

While technology has the goal of making things easier, it is actually causing too much confusion. Mindshare’s latest Culture Vulture study shows that 58% of people believe that technology has made the life more complicated, and your audience development could be struggling because of that. It’s time to take a step back from using technology to build your brand. It needs to enhance it instead. Read More →

web analytics

What Information Should Your Analytics Reveal (and What Should You Do With It)?

Unless you’ve set up a website that’s just for fun, you need web analytics to assist with traffic development, audience development, and revenue development. Using web analytics is a no-brainer for any business with a website, because you can set up powerful analytics for free using online tools like Google Analytics. But what do you do with the information these tools give you? If you Read More →

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