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How Niche Job Boards Can Help Veterans

An article published by the San Diego Union-Tribune tells the story of how a veteran’s job board called Hire Patriots helped to find enough work for a veteran that allowed that veteran to pay off his bills and start his own company. What is it about niche job boards that help veterans to find work and take care of their families? Why does it sometimes Read More →


Expert Interview with Katrina de Leon on Niche Job Markets

  Katrina de Leon knows the ins and outs of a niche job board better than anyone; as the director of marketing for ProductionHUB, the premier pro video employment site, it’s her job to ensure that both producers and crew know how to find the right job online. She spoke with us about what goes into running a job board with a tight focus. SEE Read More →


Expert Interview with Chandra Turner on Recruiting Millennials

College grads are entering a new and uncertain job market. Even in publishing, they’re not sure where to start, so Chandra Turner’s made it her job to show them how to work in the publishing industry at Ed2010. She took a moment to talk with us about how the recent graduate finds a job.Tell us a bit about Ed2010. What’s the site’s mission?Ed’s mission is to Read More →