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Google News Lab Launches a Trio of Crowd-Sourced Journalism Projects

Google News Lab Launches a Trio of Crowd-Sourced Journalism Projects

Google takes a beating in the public opinion arena because it is a large company that controls the flow of a lot of information. When the search giant bought YouTube, many users wondered if Google would constrain the kind of videos that would be accepted and limit what people could see. But when the opposite happened and YouTube started taking on even more videos than Read More →


Today’s Topsy-Turvy World of News isn’t as Different as You Might Think

When newspapers dominated the media market, it seemed as though the industry was more orderly than it is today. People interested in current events picked up a newspaper from the local newsstand or had the daily paper delivered to their front door. That was how news was commonly disseminated. It’s the Information Age now, and things are quite a bit different. People tend to get Read More →

negative-feedback can help improve job board

How Negative Feedback Can Help Your Job Board

You probably don’t want to hear about what’s wrong with the job board that you’ve developed. However, you need to hear it.Your Awesome Job BoardPerhaps you’ve defied the odds. Your family tried to talk you out of it. Your friends laughed at you. But you knew you could do it, and so you moved forward with developing your own job board. You hired some great developers. Read More →

facebook test

Switching Up Broadcast News Marketing: Tap into Emotions

There’s little question that mass media affects emotions. Facebook was recently in the news for conducting a large psychological experiment on nearly 700,000 users by manipulating their news feeds and assessing the effects on their emotions. The study found that emotions expressed by others on Facebook influence a user’s emotions, demonstrating a form of “emotional contagion.” The importance of the study (regardless of questions raised by privacy groups Read More →