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Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

Do you want to see a dramatic improvement in all of your marketing and advertising efforts? Channel more of your ad budget into newspapers. That’s right, the same print news that has been the subject of many untimely death predictions is now being shown to boost ad revenue overall and improve the performance of other campaigns substantially. This news is the result of a Newsworks Read More →

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Member Engagement: Why a Big Budget isn’t Everything

In the world of business, including trade associations and professional associations, it may seem as though a large budget is the key to success. In fact, it makes sense, right? The more money your association has, the more marketing, advertising, outreach, and research it can do. While it’s certainly true that more money can mean more prospects, there is a variable involved that too few Read More →

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Not too long ago it was enough – and sometimes quite profitable – to build a job board and just let the user click away until they find a great match. In the Social Age, however, users expect more; clicking the “Apply Now” button is no longer good enough. They expect to learn, grow and even be entertained during each visit. This means your site Read More →


Magazine Publisher Rodale Partners With Chef’d.com

If there truly is strength in numbers, two online companies just got stronger. Rodale, the self-described “world’s leading healthy lifestyle media company” recently announced that it’s entered into a creative partnership with gourmet meal service Chef’d to feature the latter’s meal plans and a la carte gourmet meal kits in a variety of health-oriented trade publications. Let’s take a closer look at the particulars of Read More →


4 Ways to Monetize Your New Site

If you’ve just launched a website for your trade association, it’s a great time to be excited. It can mean new avenues for engagement and income streams for your trade organization. But monetizing your website isn’t always the easiest or most organic thing that you’ve tried to do. Instead, it helps to have a strategy and think through different ways that you can cultivate online Read More →


4 Rules to Remember When You Monetize Your Site

When most people think of monetizing a website, the first thing that comes to mind is traditional advertising. And while it’s true that advertising can be a great way to make money from your website, it often comes along with a variety of drawbacks that might even turn site visitors away. Ads that take up too much space, ads that are distracting, or simply too Read More →


Are There Serious Problems Ahead for Paywalls?

The world of print journalism has changed dramatically in the last decade. Since the 1990s, various media outlets have folded, have migrated to an entirely online business model, or have paved the way for hybrid online-print approaches. Many hailed the development of the paywall, a model that required readers to pay to access online content, as a much needed revenue stream in today’s world where Read More →


How to Monetize Your Website without Ads

These days, it seems like ads are everywhere, including on billboards, on television, on the radio, and, of course, on the Internet. In fact, it almost feels like you can’t visit a single website today without being hit by a banner ad, a pop-up ad, a pop-under ad, a video ad, or any number of the other types of online ads out there. The reason Read More →

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3 Keys to Monetizing Your Blog

So you want to generate revenue from your blog? Great news: It’s possible. However, you’ll want to follow certain principles of effective blogging to make that happen. Here are 3 keys to monetizing your blog. 1. First, Get an Audience If you want to generate revenue from your blog, then you’ll need to attract visitors to your site. Blogs that receive only a few hits Read More →


Could Mobile App Games Help Monetize Traffic?

It’s no secret that it can often be difficult for publishers to effectively monetize mobile apps. Some developers, in an effort to overcome this challenge, are looking to “gamified” mobile ads to enhance revenue. Gamification In Adverstising What is gamification? It’s a process of user engagement that goes beyond something like a banner ad. It’s an offering of free products or services from brands that Read More →

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