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How Publishers Can Win Mobile Advertising

Back in the good old days of newspaper publishing, print advertising was king. If you could create a catchy print ad, then your marketing agency could buy up print space in all of the relevant newspapers and make your client a bundle. The catch was that the newspapers knew how valuable that marketing real estate was, and marketing companies had to pay a pretty penny Read More →


Is Your Company Ready for the Mobile Video Ad Explosion?

There is a perfect mobile marketing storm brewing that your organization needs to get in touch with right now if you want to take advantage of it. The CNET website points out that 4G download speeds are the fastest cellular access speeds the world has ever seen and the 4G networks around the world are growing. With smartphone services getting faster and screen sizes getting Read More →


Could Mobile App Games Help Monetize Traffic?

It’s no secret that it can often be difficult for publishers to effectively monetize mobile apps. Some developers, in an effort to overcome this challenge, are looking to “gamified” mobile ads to enhance revenue. Gamification In Adverstising What is gamification? It’s a process of user engagement that goes beyond something like a banner ad. It’s an offering of free products or services from brands that Read More →