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4 Advantages of a Robust Member Benefits Program

Does your professional association offer a membership benefits program? As organizations look for new ways to offer more value to attract members, prospective members are also being more frugal and demanding increasing value from their memberships. A membership benefits program, which partners with a wide range of service providers and companies to offer member discounts, can help be a significant value-add to your members. Here’s Read More →


4 Ways to Plan Now for 2015

Recent economic data suggests that the US economy will continue to recover in the year ahead. As a result, companies are increasing hiring and investing more in training. Combined, these trends point to an uptick in membership and event participation for meeting planners, professional organizations, and trade networks. But it’s important to remember that planning ahead is essential to capturing the economic impact of these Read More →


Odds are You Haven’t Exhausted Your Options for Member Engagement

When you run a membership-based trade association or other type of membership website, you are always interested in retaining members and growing membership numbers. That is when you are introduced to what appears to be the ultimate buzz term – membership engagement. However, this is much more than a bit of trendy lingo. Your focus on improving membership engagement will help you to establish a Read More →


The Vital Role Email Plays in Membership Acquisition

When it comes to sustained membership acquisition and retention, few tools are more important than a strong email list. Email allows you to have instant contact with your membership and prospective members that is interactive. The power of email is easy to see when you start to utilize a strong email list to bring in more members and retain the members that you have. How Read More →


Improve Your Infrastructure, Improve Your Membership

Trade associations play a critical role for professionals that are seeking to network, make a new career move, or just keep up on the latest trends in their industry. Yet many associations struggle to deliver the value that’s needed to keep members coming back year after year, paying dues and attending paid events. As a result, many professional associations are looking to technology and publishing Read More →


Do You Know Who You’re Targeting for Membership Acquisition?

Do you know exactly who is in the ideal target audience for your membership acquisition plan? More importantly, does it matter whether or not you know your audience? Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the pit of believing that creating a great product is all you need to do to attract customers. But if you want to really see your website membership grow, Read More →

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