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3 Takeaways from the Next Generation of Job Sites

Today’s latest job sites are taking a whole new approach to the candidate – recruiter relationship. Instead of encouraging companies to post static jobs ads, they’re instead giving more power to candidates, finding ways to make the recruiting process more interactive, and even using technology to serve a headhunters for in-demand candidates. Here’s a closer look at the latest trends in online employment, and what Read More →


Expert Interview with Joey Trebif on Building Your Online Job Site

Sometimes the biggest digital publishing lessons come from trial and error as Joey Trebif, creative director for CareerAlley, knows all too well. While trying to land on the right formula for his site’s online content, Joey says they tried accepting guest posts for a few years, but learned they caused more problems than they solved. While it’s challenging to write and post high-quality informative posts Read More →

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Expert Interview with Matt Berndt on User-Friendly Job Sites

The answer to building an audience of job seekers to your job board is simple, says career expert Matt Berndt: Respond to questions quickly, honestly, candidly and with helpful information, specific to what the person was asking. Oh yeah, and offer actionable advice. “People don’t want to hear from you long after their need has past. They don’t want Pollyanna responses they cannot relate to. And Read More →

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Why Analytics and Performance Metrics are the Future of Online Job Postings

Analytics and performance metrics are critical to anyone who wants to have a successful website, run a successful business, or troubleshoot problems in general. Successful website owners routinely examine a number of performance metrics like time spent on site, bounce rate, and where site traffic comes from. When you know that, for example, you get a lot of traffic through Twitter, you can fine-tune your Read More →

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How Successful are Local Job Sites?

There are a number of local job sites on the Internet. These are sites that only advertise jobs that are within driving distance of a particular geographic location. The idea behind local job sites is that a smaller market is often better. These aren’t websites that receive millions of hits from all over the world for people looking for a job in their niche. Instead, Read More →

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How to Write Top Job Postings

So you want to help your customers craft a not-to-be-missed job posting? That’s not a problem, as long as you put in place certain principles that lead to more views, and, ultimately, more candidates to fill a specific position. SEE ALSO: 6 Tips for the Most Effective Job Board Postings Here are some ways to help your customers write job postings worthy of the top job Read More →

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8 Tips for Promoting Your Job Site

  If your website includes a custom job board, you have to promote it to generate high quality traffic and make employers want to list with you. Job boards can be a terrific way to monetize blog content, but only if they are frequently updated and utilized. If you have a job board or are considering adding one, consider the following 8 promotion tips. You’ll Read More →

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How to Keep the Attention of Job Site Visitors

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the most well-articulated job post in the history of job posts. If it doesn’t match the way job seekers read, it might be overlooked. Almost worse, it could result in a mountain of unqualified applicants. New research reveals that what job seekers claim about the way they read doesn’t align with what they do, according to Lauren Weber Read More →

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