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What if a Good Job Site Platform Isn’t Good Enough?

Everything was going along swimmingly and then the job board market started to surge. New sites enter the pond now with increasing frequency. Competition for candidate and employer business is ramping up. Time was, a good job board that served the needs of both candidate and employer had its reputation set. Today, a good job site platform¬†might not be good enough to compete with the Read More →


Oh, the Places Job Sites Can Go!

Where can your job board go? Anyplace you like! How do you know? The good doctor already told you so. Even serious businesses can learn a lot from the silliness of Dr. Seuss. Lessons such as courage, determination and taking a leap of faith don’t fade after primary school. If anything, they become more meaningful. So if you’re looking for a reason to believe you’ll Read More →


5 Ways the Best Job Boards Get More Traffic

What good is a job board if you can’t drive in the right traffic? You don’t want a ghost town, you need a thriving hub where employers and job seekers meet. And that takes strategy on all fronts. Marketing strategy components should be designed to bring the right people to your job board. From identifying its unique value proposition to the tools and marketing techniques Read More →


4 Social Recruitment Strategies that Drive a Larger Audience to Your Job Board

You’ve got the job board, and the advertisers are there or potentially so. But without the talent connection, no job board can function. So where is this mysterious group of people who want a new job, even if they don’t realize it just yet? To a large degree, they’re running to social media. Although they’re not the revenue drivers, at least not directly, candidates are Read More →


3 Ways to Maximize Your Job Board’s Career Center

Running a job board these days isn’t as simple as soliciting listings from employers and resumes from job seekers. While such simplistic tactics may have worked in the past, Internet technology has dictated that more advanced features be offered in order to succeed, both in receiving advertising revenue and securing job placement for candidates. Below are three things that your job board needs to be Read More →


Good Problems? What to Do When Your Talent Acquisition Pool is Loaded With Superstars

So you are browsing a pile of resumes that came through for a series of available positions and you start to see a stream of what appears to be industry superstars. These are people who have amazing track records, world class accomplishments and even a few industry awards to their credit. As soon as you see these resumes, you are already spending the bonus money Read More →

Employee Self Evaluations

Why Employee Self-Evaluations are Important

Do you remember back in grade school when you were sometimes given the chance to grade your own paper? You might have felt liberated or inspired by the process. Why? Because this method uniquely involves students by offering the chance to look more closely at their own personal strengths and weaknesses while simultaneously assessing their own performance as a whole. Self-evaluations offer employees a similar Read More →


October Jobs Report Shows Strong Growth

The fourth quarter of 2015 continues to promise a better 2016 for the job market and the U.S. economy as a whole. Let’s explore what the Labor Department’s October report had to say about October’s strong showing, from what the numbers revealed to what the trends imply. Fulfilling September’s Promise October’s numbers indicated a strong overall trend toward ongoing correction in the job market, continuing Read More →


4 Reasons Job Boards Continue to Lure Quality Candidates

When LinkedIn and Facebook got into the recruiting game, many people started to sound the death bell for job recruiting boards. But according to Talentculture.com, job boards make up 42 percent of all quality hire activity, closely followed by social media. Why hasn’t social media been able to completely replace job boards as the default way to recruit and hire? The biggest reason is that Read More →


Is Your Site Taking Advantage of Obamacare?

Few changes in the healthcare industry have altered history as much as the Affordable Care Act. Prior to the ACA, it was the HIPAA laws that had medical professionals scrambling for the correct information to show them how to get compliant with the new digital storage laws. But the ACA affects everyone from patients to doctors and that is why your site needs to take Read More →

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