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4 Social Recruitment Strategies that Drive a Larger Audience to Your Job Board

You’ve got the job board, and the advertisers are there or potentially so. But without the talent connection, no job board can function. So where is this mysterious group of people who want a new job, even if they don’t realize it just yet? To a large degree, they’re running to social media. Although they’re not the revenue drivers, at least not directly, candidates are Read More →


Expert Interview Series: Amanda Leisman of Market Search Recruiting on Tips For Today’s Marketing Job Seekers

Amanda Leisman is a Marketing Recruiter at MarketSearch, where she provides the highest level of service to both candidates and clients. We had a chance to sit down with Amanda to discuss the job market for marketing professionals and hear her advice for today’s job seekers. Tell us a little about Market Search Recruiting. What makes the company stand out from its competitors? MarketSearch is Read More →


3 Ways to Maximize Your Job Board’s Career Center

Running a job board these days isn’t as simple as soliciting listings from employers and resumes from job seekers. While such simplistic tactics may have worked in the past, Internet technology has dictated that more advanced features be offered in order to succeed, both in receiving advertising revenue and securing job placement for candidates. Below are three things that your job board needs to be Read More →

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How to Fix Your Job Posting to Get More Qualified Applicants

Your perception of your career site and the job ads that you create might be a far stretch from the impression that candidates get. If you think the process is seamless, you might be surprised. Maybe it’s time to walk a mile in the shoes of your job candidates. RELATED: How Subpar Job Postings are Sabotaging Your Recruiting No process is ever fully fleshed out until Read More →


Identity Theft is Not a Joke, What You and Your Job Seekers Need to Know

Just when you thought that your forward-thinking, digital-age application processes were top-notch, along comes the criminal element to shake things up. There’s at least one in every crowd, and in Australia, it’s becoming a serious issue. Identity theft can happen anywhere in the digital realm. But perhaps what makes digital job applications so vulnerable is that for many, it’s the last place they’d expect to Read More →


Should Employers Continue Drug Testing Employees?

Drug testing employees is routine for many employers. It’s likely been the policy for as long as senior leadership can remember. And so, every time a new hire joins the company, they’re sent off to pee in a cup and prove they’re drug-free. A recent survey of around 70,000 working people across the U.S. found that 48.2 percent were getting screened for drugs by employers. Read More →


Looking for Positive Glassdoor Reviews? Try These 4 Strategies

Great Glassdoor reviews are a bit like love: they have to happen naturally. That said, there’s a lot that you can do to improve your odds. Because Glassdoor is becoming as important to job seekers as Angie’s List is to consumers, it pays to take whichever steps you can to encourage current and past employees to shine a light on what makes your company a Read More →


Put the Checkbook Away: Top 3 Perks Job Candidates Are Looking For

Are you thinking about a career move? CareerBuilder says that it might not be long before you’re in the same spot as the candidates you scout. According to a survey of over 3,000 people, which the job resource website released back in December, about one in five expect to change jobs this year. So now for the big question: what do job seekers really want? Read More →


Top 5 Jobs Being Replaced by Technology

Employment is on the rise, still gaining over the losses from the Great Recession. But at the same time, employment in many middle-class jobs is all but evaporating. How can both be true? It’s part of the mystery of the disappearing middle class, and 247 Wall Street says that it and other sources agree: it’s “happening at an alarming rate.” RELATED: How Technology Can Personalize and Read More →

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4 Tips for Effectively Communicating With Job Applicants

Have you ever applied for a job and then never heard a word back from the employer? If you’re like most people, that has happened to you more than once. Remember how it made you feel and how it shaped your opinion about the company, and maybe even how you shared that experience with your peers? Then imagine how different the experience would have been Read More →

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