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Is Your Job Posting Optimized for Conversion?

The typical job posting follows a similar pattern. Title, description, requirements, and a yawn for good measure. Job ads have their own job to do, but they have more versatility than you might realize. If they aren’t optimized for multifaceted performance, they’ll miss the target more often than not. And the reasons might surprise you. You need the essential elements. But think of them as Read More →


We’re on the Verge of a Programmatic Job Posting Revolution

Can you feel it in the air? Like the shift from summer to autumn, things in the talent acquisition industry are growing a bit crisper and more sharply focused. There’s a job posting revolution that’s gaining momentum. It started subtle, but more and more recruiters and HR professionals are jumping on board every day. And you can be part of it sooner instead of later. Read More →


Common Job Description Buzzwords and What They Really Mean

  Show me a job description that doesn’t contain an overused clich√© or buzzword and I’ll show you an organization worth pursuing as a job seeker. Unfortunately, job descriptions are like resumes. They aren’t so much about original thinking as they are keeping-up-with-the-Googles. That’s why in almost every job description (and resume) you see phrases like “detail-oriented”, “team player” and “results-oriented.” So how do you Read More →