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January Jobs Report: Wages Up, Unemployment Down

The January jobs report is starting the year off right with an increase in hourly wages and unemployment at an 8 year low. As President Obama said, “Americans are working.” This is great news for the economy, but it means that employers might find it more difficult to recruit the best of the best. Job seekers can afford to be more selective, and many of Read More →


How Recruiting is Changing in 2016 and Beyond

The recruitment industry and associated in-house human resources equivalents are always changing, and as 2016 arrives, evolution is sure to take place. The Internet has changed so much about the recruitment process, so whether you work for an outside company that specializes solely in recruiting or you’re a human resources professional tasked with finding the right employees, you need to take note of the following Read More →


Why the Online Recruiting Marketplace is Surging

Not too long ago, companies used online recruiting as a sort of way to reinforce the results they were getting with print advertising and other standard recruiting practices that had been used for decades. But all of that is changing and the online recruiting marketplace is surging to a position of dominance. According RealMatch.com, spending on niche recruiting websites has tripled from 2011 to 2015, Read More →


5 Trends and Challenges Ahead for Recruiters in 2016

As 2015 starts coming to a close, recruiters and candidates are analyzing the trends that they can expect to see in 2016. Recruiters always want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to matching the right candidate with the right opportunity, and candidates are always interested to see whether or not they are negotiating from a position of strength. The improvement in the Read More →


Why Job Candidates are Attracted to Companies with a Mission

When looking for a career position, what would you place as most important? Salary? Title? Growth potential? Obviously, all of these things are important, but these days, job candidates are seeking out companies that not only have mission statements, but also companies that live out their mission statements. It’s easy enough to make up a “Kumbaya-sounding” mission statement, but it’s something totally different to live Read More →


Holiday Season Staffing Set to Soar

As with each year, 2015’s holiday season is expected to bring in an influx of seasonal workers, meaning human resources departments across the globe are in for a mighty task. Even if workers are not expected to be brought on permanently, the surge in part-time and seasonal workers through the holidays can make day-to-day operations difficult for HR professionals, especially in retail. RELATED: 7 Ways Read More →


How Niche Job Boards Can Help Veterans

An article published by the San Diego Union-Tribune tells the story of how a veteran’s job board called Hire Patriots helped to find enough work for a veteran that allowed that veteran to pay off his bills and start his own company. What is it about niche job boards that help veterans to find work and take care of their families? Why does it sometimes Read More →


New Jobs Report Shows Tightening Labor Market

Many job seekers can rest assured about this year’s national employment picture following its impressive 2014 turnaround. Some of the numbers are nicer than others, but certain job sectors in particular offer good prospects for qualified candidates. Let’s take a closer look at this tightening of the labor market — and what it might mean for America’s unemployed. SEE ALSO: As Unemployment Drops, How Can Job Read More →

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are all kinds of reasons why many publishers are choosing RealMatch as their recruitment advertising platform. In this infographic, we explore some of the key differences between RealMatch and some of our competitors.   Click here to view a PDF version of this infographic. Uncover what your job board could be with RealMatch and see what those purple guys aren’t delivering: 1 of a Read More →

Examining the Part-Time Employment Picture

Part-time work, or hourly work, has often been considered to be within the realm of younger workers who are just starting out. As the past six years have proven, however, part-time work is no longer considered to be just for newcomers to the job market. The fact is, many companies are now choosing to either employ more part-timers or exclusively hire part-time workers. There are Read More →

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