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Develop a Mentoring Talent Strategy that Brings Seasoned Pros and New Stars Together

As more of the Baby Boomer generation moves toward retirement, carefully honed skill sets become an increasingly rare commodity for employers. Fresh, new job candidates enter the workforce every day, but what they have in enthusiasm, they lack in experience. There’s a skills gap that’s widening as more people retire, but a mentoring program might help. RELATED: What the Talent Acquisition Pipeline of the Future Read More →

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Are You Overlooking a Job Candidate Goldmine?

If you look for talent acquisition gold in a tapped out stream, you’ll come up with a pan full of sand. But if you stake another claim upstream, you might find some bright, shiny prospects. RELATED: What the Talent Acquisition Pipeline of the Future Might Look Like There’s a gold mine of talented people just waiting to be discovered. Problem is, most of them are Read More →


Can Hiring Tech Automation Make You a Better Human?

It’s not as ironic as it sounds at first blush. While some people believe certain technology interferes with the human connection and may even threaten jobs, technology can complement your work. It can also improve the all-important candidate experience. In a full employment economy, that’s a win-win situation. RELATED: 4 Ways HR Drops the Ball on What Matters Most to Job Candidates If that’s surprising, Read More →


Thank You Captain Obvious: Diversity in the Workplace is Still Important

What if you heard that a successful, great hire was as much luck as anything else? And what if you learned that diversity training, no matter how focused, could put your organization on a direct path away from diversity? Would knowing those things change your hiring process? Unconscious biases have more control over perception and action than you are aware of or might want to Read More →

3 Critical Areas Helping Fuel the Transformative State of Talent Acquisition

3 Critical Areas Helping Fuel the Transformative State of Talent Acquisition

For me, the month of April was great as it represented an opportunity to meet with hundreds of Talent Acquisition professionals – both while at ERE in Las Vegas and SHRM in Orlando.  So it’s pretty safe to say that April was an eventful month all around given the conversations, the great networking and oh ya, those destinations (also because of the bug caught while traveling, Read More →


Can Blind Recruitment Help Encourage Diversity?

Some organizations are having great luck cultivating genuine diversity in the workplace through blind recruitment. This strategy requires knowing less and consequently learning more about your candidates. Those two sentiments aren’t mutually exclusive, as they might seem. RELATED: Workplace Diversity Is The Key To Success in HR The more that you know about a candidate up front, the less likely you might be to have a Read More →

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Bridging the Generational Gap: Hiring Strategies for Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers

Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers might speak almost entirely different languages and respond to different recruiting methods, but they’re all valuable assets in a diverse workplace. If you could peek into the mind of one, you’d likely see different process and a different sort of culture expectation than you’d find in another. Unless you can alter your approach as needed, you might miss out Read More →

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Workplace Diversity Is The Key To Success in HR

HR departments are probably the most important departments in Tech companies. Yes, HR – not necessarily R&D, product or marketing – this is the department that its employees set the foundation for the success of any company. It is their responsibility (and goal) to bring in the best and brightest, to create a great diversity of people, capabilities and opinions. As part of this goal, Read More →


How Technology Can Help HR Hire Better Candidates

The job of HR recruiters keeps increasing in complexity, so it’s no wonder that new technologies are more than a little welcome to help manage it all. Everything is changing. Candidate sourcing isn’t simple anymore, and neither is keeping up with the ways that they want and need to be reached. And that doesn’t begin to cover all of the data sorting, analyzation and storage. Read More →

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The San Francisco 49ers Offer a Lesson in Engaging Millennials

When you see the term “recruitment” in association with professional football, you probably assume that it has something to do with the college draft or pre-season team member selection. At the very least, you wouldn’t automatically assume that it has anything to do with your own job recruitment site. But a recent TalentCulture story concerning the San Francisco 49ers organization brings up a very interesting Read More →