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Is Your Site Taking Advantage of Obamacare?

Few changes in the healthcare industry have altered history as much as the Affordable Care Act. Prior to the ACA, it was the HIPAA laws that had medical professionals scrambling for the correct information to show them how to get compliant with the new digital storage laws. But the ACA affects everyone from patients to doctors and that is why your site needs to take Read More →


Which Niche Industries Need Specialized Job Boards Now?

The buzz is all about niche job boards. The mega job hosting sites have plenty to offer on a grand scale, but niche makes it more personal. The question is, which industries are growing; which have a stronger potential niche market than the others?The best approach is to go straight to the source, and that’s the U.S.¬†Department of Labor. The statistics they gather are unbiased, Read More →


For Healthcare Job Boards, the Candidate Always Come First

One of the most important elements of any business is to have an intimate understanding of the business model. If a business does not understand where its revenue is really coming from, then it is going to make bad decisions. On a healthcare job board, the revenue is generated by employers who pay for the board’s services. But the real money comes from the candidates Read More →

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The Many Niches of Healthcare Blogs

Healthcare is an enormous industry, with many facets. And you don’t have to go very far to find extremely specialized healthcare blogs. Why has healthcare created so many niche healthcare blogs, and does that reflect on other industries and their blog opportunities?¬†Natural NichesHealthcare blogging is interesting because, in a sense, the audience comes already broken up into niches and in fact there’s a strong history Read More →