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Why Google’s Hiring Practices are Ahead of the Curve

Google is a name synonymous with innovation. From its search engine and advertising to its phones and online apps, the brand is one that seems to be forever forward-thinking, and this is apparent in its hiring strategies as well. Google candidates come from far and wide to try to become a part of the company, but many don’t know what they are getting themselves in Read More →


How Spain’s Google Tax is Impacting Newspapers

Google News is an aggregator service that collects information from online news publishing websites and then offers that information in small snippets to the public. The payoff for the publishers is that the snippets also contain links that go back to the publisher’s websites. There are other news aggregators out there, but Google News is the largest in the world and it helps smaller publications Read More →


Google Invests Big in European Newspapers

As the premier search engine in the world, Google always has to be careful that it is as objective as possible when it comes to delivering search results to Internet users. Over the years, Google has been accused of favoring its own programs over others in search results, and nowhere has Google run into more trouble with the way it does business than in Europe. Read More →

Are Micropayments the future of newspapers

Are Micropayments the Future of the Newspaper Industry?

Imagine if you could pay around 20 cents to read an article from the New York Times that was normally reserved for subscription holders. Is that something that would interest you? There are several companies, including a Dutch start-up, who are betting that micropayments are the new wave of the future in online media. Blendle And Micropayments Two years ago, a couple of journalists founded Read More →

Google News Lab Launches a Trio of Crowd-Sourced Journalism Projects

Google News Lab Launches a Trio of Crowd-Sourced Journalism Projects

Google takes a beating in the public opinion arena because it is a large company that controls the flow of a lot of information. When the search giant bought YouTube, many users wondered if Google would constrain the kind of videos that would be accepted and limit what people could see. But when the opposite happened and YouTube started taking on even more videos than Read More →


How to Maximize SEO for Job Boards

If you have a job board, then you know that you’re competing with other job boards for visitors and, ultimately, candidates for open positions. Writing effective job board postings is important, another way to maintain an advantage over your competitors is to optimize your website for search engine ranking. Research shows that as many as 2/3 of people searching for a job begin with a Read More →