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How can recruitment advertising be more like regular advertising?

How Can Recruitment Advertising Be More Like Regular Advertising? (Part II)

In my previous post [READ PART 1 HERE], I wrote about how far the recruitment advertising industry is from the regular online advertising industry.  Just look at this “Display LUMAscape” to see a visual map of the ad tech industry (viewed by 2.3+ million people). The ad tech industry has hundreds of products and players that provide  different functionality and benefits to advertisers. Most of Read More →

Recruitment Advertising

How Recruitment Advertising Can Be More Like Regular Advertising

My cousin wanted to advertise a new snack that his startup company had just developed. He figured out the best target audience for his a product. He then found several websites that seemed to have similar audiences. He called these sites and negotiated campaign rates. Finally, he sent the selected websites one ad that he believed would generate the best results for the campaign. SEE Read More →