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Engaging millennials

The San Francisco 49ers Offer a Lesson in Engaging Millennials

When you see the term “recruitment” in association with professional football, you probably assume that it has something to do with the college draft or pre-season team member selection. At the very least, you wouldn’t automatically assume that it has anything to do with your own job recruitment site. But a recent TalentCulture story concerning the San Francisco 49ers organization brings up a very interesting Read More →


Why You Don’t Notice That Native Ads Are All Over Your Facebook

Online marketing and advertising experts spend a lot of time, and their customers spend a lot of money, trying to find the most cost-efficient ways to reach the largest audiences. Over the years, online publishers have learned that they have an advantage over printed publications in that ad placement can be dynamic and focused on the individual reader’s preferences. Native advertising has become very popular Read More →


Examining the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users

Social media audiences are starting to become extremely segmented in how they get their news, how they react to news, and how they share news content. It used to be that online publishers could get their content read based on the basic age demographics assigned to large social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. But those audiences are changing and now publishers need to Read More →

Click that link

From Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to Your Publication: Getting Readers to Click That Link

Social media is one of the best ways to engage current readers and find new ones. You probably already have Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts set up with fresh tweets, posts, and pins. But how do you get your followers to leave that social media site and land on yours? SEE ALSO: Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site Build Your Audience Read More →

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Not too long ago it was enough – and sometimes quite profitable – to build a job board and just let the user click away until they find a great match. In the Social Age, however, users expect more; clicking the “Apply Now” button is no longer good enough. They expect to learn, grow and even be entertained during each visit. This means your site Read More →

Is Your Association Using Social Media The Right Way

Impact Study: Is Your Association Using Social Media The Right Way?

Social media isn’t just for wasting time online anymore. These days, social technologies, including video and other media, are being used by professional associations and organizations to reach out to potential members and retain current members. In fact, a recent study, conducted and published by association management company Kellen, has revealed some surprising news about how professional associations are utilizing social media. Associations Are Branching Read More →


Polls, Yes, Polls(!) Can Increase Audience Engagement

Posting new content to your trade publication’s website can sometimes make you feel like you’re shouting into a void — after all, asking for interactive responses isn’t the same thing as inspiring them. That’s why the announcement of instant-polling site Wedgie’s integration with cross-channel posting site Embed.ly should make digital publishers sit up and take notice. Let’s look at how instant polling could serve as Read More →

Facebook’s Instant Articles: Everything You Need to Know

The company that changed the face of social media has decided to change the face of online content creation and distribution. Facebook Instant Articles is a new mobile platform for publishers to post their own mixed-media content — not only articles, but also native ads. Here’s what you need to know about the revolutionary new option for your digital trade publication. SEE ALSO: What Facebook’s Instant Read More →

Are Social Network Visitors Actually Valuable to Your Publication

Are Social Network Visitors Actually Valuable to Your Publication?

In the world of digital publishing, having a social media presence is clearly a benefit. However, social media might not be all it is thought to be; there is a hidden negative side of social networks that can work against companies. SEE ALSO: Supercharge Your Job Board with Social Media The issue is “engagement.” Research from the Pew Research Center demonstrated that visitors who arrive Read More →


What Facebook’s Instant Articles Feature Means for Newspapers

When a social media outlet has 1.4 billion daily users, it wields a tremendous amount of media power. Facebook has those kinds of numbers and now the social giant is essentially forcing the publishing industry to go along with the concept of Facebook’s new Instant Articles feature. The company’s track record of being a good business partner is sketchy at best and the media companies Read More →

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