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Expert Interview with Matt Berndt on User-Friendly Job Sites

The answer to building an audience of job seekers to your job board is simple, says career expert Matt Berndt: Respond to questions quickly, honestly, candidly and with helpful information, specific to what the person was asking. Oh yeah, and offer actionable advice. “People don’t want to hear from you long after their need has past. They don’t want Pollyanna responses they cannot relate to. And Read More →

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Expert Interview with Edoardo Bounous on Managing a Job Site

For employers hoping to find the most qualified candidates, it all starts with writing a job ad that offers a clear picture of both the job – including responsibilities and type of contract – and the company, says Edoardo Bounous, CEO for Jobrapido, a job board that aggregates job listings by location. “For jobseekers, it is very important to learn as much as possible about the company Read More →