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Thank You Captain Obvious: Diversity in the Workplace is Still Important

What if you heard that a successful, great hire was as much luck as anything else? And what if you learned that diversity training, no matter how focused, could put your organization on a direct path away from diversity? Would knowing those things change your hiring process? Unconscious biases have more control over perception and action than you are aware of or might want to Read More →


Turning Millennials into Managers: Yes, it Can be Done

Is any generation more disparaged in the workplace than Millennials? They’re entitled, some say. They want too many perks and aren’t quite as disciplined as past generations. So what to do about the fact that Baby Boomers are retiring in droves and businesses need a new crop of managers? The first thing to do is let go of the stereotypes. Millennials are talented, young, and Read More →


Should Employers Continue Drug Testing Employees?

Drug testing employees is routine for many employers. It’s likely been the policy for as long as senior leadership can remember. And so, every time a new hire joins the company, they’re sent off to pee in a cup and prove they’re drug-free. A recent survey of around 70,000 working people across the U.S. found that 48.2 percent were getting screened for drugs by employers. Read More →


What Personality Tests Mean for Your Hiring Process

Wouldn’t it be great to peek into the mind of a prospective employee to learn whether he or she would be a good company fit? In a way, that’s what personality tests can do. More employers are using them, and with interesting results. The most useful tests aren’t created in-house or relied on as the foundation of whether or not to hire. But there are Read More →

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The Last Job Posting Guide You’ll Ever Need (For Now)

If your job posting efforts haven’t changed substantially over the past few years, there’s no way around it: It’s time for a change. The same applies if you think it’s little more than a notification and invitation to apply. Great job postings are technically ads, but also a bit different. They’re not just ads for a job. The best ones are company ads. Employer brand Read More →


How Much Do Posting Jobs Really Cost You?

Open positions don’t save the company money, even though there’s no paycheck issued to an empty workstation. In some cases, especially with tech positions, the act of posting jobs means you’re losing money. And the longer the chair stays empty, the worse the situation becomes. You can learn a lot about the value of every employee on board by calculating the cost of that spot Read More →


3 Major Problems That Impact Company Reputation

Employees no longer line up in the hopes of snagging a job – any job – as long as it’s gainful. Job candidates and applicants have opinions about prospective employers, and many of them do their homework. Even if they don’t investigate, the company reputation may speak for itself. RELATED: How to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy to Get Better Candidates Brand reputation matters now, as much as Read More →


3 Habits of the Highly Skilled Recruiter

Some recruiters seem to shine as highly skilled professionals in the industry. They’re the ones with a blistering number of social media followers. They’re the ones writing blog posts that everyone shares. You might think that it’s sheer luck and opportunity, but it’s not. What sets them apart isn’t always the tools in hand, but how those tools are used. Here are three ways that Read More →


Marketing Trends Changing the Face of Recruitment

There’s a transformation happening in recruitment right now, and you can get ahead of the curve. It’s all about marketing, which wasn’t the focus for many, if any, recruiters in the not-so-distant past. Why would it be, when HR had its own strategy lined out and it seemed to work just fine? But the marketing mindset is here, and it embodies the trends that are Read More →


How do Candidates Perceive Your Company Brand? Employees Know

If prospective employees don’t relate to your brand, you might not see the recruiting results that you’re after. Marketing and sales already know how important branding is. But with recruiting not that much different from sales anymore, HR should start to come around, and soon. Current employees can help. RELATED: What Does Your Company Stand for? Despite supporting evidence, branding is rather slow to catch on Read More →