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5 Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Chances are you’ve got a lot of questions about your own hiring process. How much does it cost to hire one new person? How many people who start an application see it through to completion? The answers don’t have to be estimations; not if you know which metrics are worth tracking. RELATED: Whats Big in Recruiting for 2016? While you’re busy recruiting, a lot of data Read More →


4 Newspaper Trends to Watch for 2016

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for newspapers. So much for the gloom and doom of previous years. In 2016, the puzzle pieces that make up the current publishing evolution are finally fitting together. There’s a deeper understanding of what the new business model should look like, and the outlook is good. RELATED: Forecasting 2016: How Digital and Print Ads will Evolve in the Read More →


Recruitment is About Adaptability Now

It’s 8:00 a.m. Do you know where your job candidates are? Maybe they’re taking the train in to work a mediocre job. Maybe they’re in a different part of the country. Or maybe they’re in an office just down the hall. Your recruiting reach extends in a lot of different directions, which is one reason why adaptability is so important now. Adopting a bespoke attitude Read More →


5 Ways Recruiters Blow it at Tech Social Recruiting

It wasn’t long ago that social media and social recruiting were buzz-worthy ideas for recruiting. But now it’s part of everyday fare for a majority of recruiters, so you’ve got to get it right. There were no set rules when recruiters first tiptoed into the social recruiting arena to test it out. Now there are, and most of them are set by the candidates. RELATED: How Read More →


Newspapers Feasting on Each Other to Survive

Like a giant game of Pac-Man, bigger newspapers around the country are gobbling up smaller papers, all in the hopes of creating a more formidable, united whole. It’s about the ever-elusive advertising dollars. They just aren’t there, especially for smaller, local papers. But with a consolidation strategy, a little time is being gained before the next game play. The presumed destiny of newspapers has played Read More →

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What Virtual Reality’s Arrival Means for Digital Publishers

Picture it. You want to catch up with your mom or your best friend. But instead of picking up the phone or looking at a recent Facebook status update, you pick up a VR headset. And before you know it, you’re not just talking across the miles; you’re talking face-to-face in an experience that for all the world looks and feels exactly real. That’s where Read More →


Newspapers Giving Up Digital Publishing: A Radical Idea, and a Wrong One

The idea that newspapers should give up digital publishing is a radical one. And it’s also wrong. A new book from H. Iris Chyi, titled “Trial and Error: U.S. Newspapers’ Digital Struggles toward Inferiority,” makes the argument that newspapers are so bad at the digital side of publication that they should completely give it up. Chyi points out that newspapers have been going digital for Read More →


Why Social Media is a Wake-Up Call for Job Boards

Today, people live their lives through social media. Whether they’re getting invited to parties, finding great deals, or looking for part-time jobs, they will turn to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. RELATED: How to Use Social Media to Turn Job Seekers Into Applicants Job boards are a great place for job seekers, but more and more, people are using social media to find that Read More →


3 Lesser Known Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Website traffic is essential to your company’s growth. The number of visitors flowing through your website each day determines your profits from advertising, the number of paid subscribers you can expect to see, and revenues from related products and event sales. But taking the right steps to grow your website traffic requires thinking beyond the basics of SEO and advertising. RELATED: Thought Leader Series: 5 Tips Read More →


How Publishers Can Analyze Their Audience to Gain New Revenue

How in touch are you with the real expectations of your target audiences? Before you can cash in on a growing amount of web traffic, you have to understand why your website appeals to your target demographic and what you can do to enhance that appeal and generate more revenue. RELATED: How One Magazine’s Makeover Might Provide a Road Map to Building a Community Look At Read More →