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How Has Jeff Bezos Changed The Washington Post?

When Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos paid $250 million for the Washington Post in March 2013, the move had a lot of people scratching their heads. Up to that point, Bezos had showed great initiative in innovating the Internet retail world, but not many people understood his connection to the icons of standard media such as the Washington Post. Some of the immediate changes Bezos made Read More →


What to Take Away from the Lack of Interest in the Netflix of Magazines

Print publications continue to struggle in some ways to remain relevant in a digital world, while still maintaining a strong business model in other areas of the entertainment industry. Local newspapers and specialty magazines remain very popular in print format, while national newspapers and general purpose magazines are struggling to find a balance between digital and print offerings. SEE ALSO: What Publishers Can Learn From Netflix’s Read More →

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How to Handle Customer Service with Digital Publications

In the print era, customer service often revolved around issues like starting and stopping delivery for customers on vacation, or addressing complaints about newspapers not arriving or being left in puddles.  In the digital news era, customer service is very different. Today you may have customers confused about whether to buy an app through an app store or through a publication’s website. Or a customer Read More →