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The Elephant in the Room: What’s in Store for the News Media

The industry is buzzing about changes that might be in store for the journalists in particular and the news media in general. The “Fake News” alarm is sounded without discretion, and news consumers are confused about what it means. Yours can be a clear voice above the din. Some pundits say journalists should have fewer freedoms. Legendary journalists, however, have a calmer tone. Everyone should Read More →

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4 Reasons Digital News Should Honor its Roots

Of course, print is dying! At least a bit. But it’s a little too early to call in the organist and order a nice arrangement of flowers. Print is not even close to drawing its final breath. While the future is undeniably digital news, there’s a fiercely loyal core base of readers who only, or mostly, want print. And that kind of publisher/reader relationship is something Read More →

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Engage Millennials and Quicken the Pulse of Newspapers

Millennials are the future of digital news and they’re more engaged than you might think. In fact, considering the digital direction of news, they might be a better audience to court than Baby Boomers or older Gen-Xers. They’re busy bees with a wide range of interests. RELATED: Newspaper Ads Aren’t the Problem, People Love ‘Em! More Americans over the age of 50 watch the news Read More →


Does Fake News Hurt the Future of Newspapers?

The year 2016 didn’t invent fake news; not even close. It will take a lot more than a firestorm of social media shares to bring down newspapers and writers with integrity. Most people have been taken in by at least one fabricated story. Now that it’s a trending topic and key phrase, it’s also a pervasive defense against every story that doesn’t support a given Read More →


Tim Walsh of Foundation Talent on Recruiting for Tech Companies

Tim Walsh specializes in digital marketing, sales, product, and professional services. In 2012 he co-founded ConnectedSearch, a boutique search firm in Boston and he spent eight years as the top-performing search consultant for a recruiting firm in Cambridge, filling more than 400 positions. Currently he’s a partner at The Foundation Talent, a recruiting firm specializing in VC and PE-backed tech companies. We recently checked in Read More →

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What Does the Gawker Media Bankruptcy Mean for Publishers?

Headlines are buzzing with news about Gawker’s legal cage match with Hulk Hogan and the online publication’s recent and related bankruptcy. Some believe that this isn’t really the end for Gawker, even though the judgment awarded to the wrestling legend was more than double gossip magazine’s assets. But others say that the end of Gawker, at least as everyone knew it, happened before the plaintiff Read More →


Ad Blocking Predicted to Cost U.S. Media Owners $12 Billion by 2020

It’s no wonder that major national newspapers and some dailies are taking a hard stance against readers who use ad blockers. They cost newspapers precious revenue, and the numbers keep getting worse. If the current climate continues, media owners in the U.S. alone could lose a staggering $12 billion by 2020. But users have their reasons for using ad blocking, and some of them are Read More →


Can Digital Fatigue Fuel a Newspaper Resurgence?

Like a host of migrating sparrows, shifting and bobbing to some unknown directive, the newspaper industry has adapted and changed course again and again in an effort to capture the all-important revenue. Newer, better and smarter technology has been touted as the way to find the course home. But all of that activity comes with the price of digital fatigue, which might be changing the Read More →


The Wall Street Journal Enlists in Fight Against Ad Blockers

It’s a polite but firm message to consumers who use ad-blocking software. Following in the footsteps of other major publishers, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal recently instituted a marginal tolerance policy against software that cuts into their advertising revenue. RELATED: State of the Newspaper Publishing Industry The WSJ says that only some consumers in the United States and Europe see the message, Read More →

Las Vegas Review Journal

Mutiny in the Making: How the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Controversial Takeover Has Taken Its Toll on Employees

Newspaper takeovers, hostile or otherwise, are rarely a good time for most of the people involved. Editors, particularly, can find themselves in a bad spot. Add in a level of secrecy, and the new owners aren’t likely to have anyone on their team. That’s what happened just a few months ago at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and the wake of this buyout transaction brought the Read More →

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