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Green Screen

Here’s A Secret: A Green Screen Can Transform Your Next Event

If you’re not technologically savvy, you may not know what a green screen is or how it works. Basically, a green screen is exactly what it sounds like: a green screen. The key to what a green screen does, however, is in the actual tone of the green used. When processed through a camera and editing software, a specific type of green can be “keyed”, Read More →


Magazine Publisher Rodale Partners With Chef’d.com

If there truly is strength in numbers, two online companies just got stronger. Rodale, the self-described “world’s leading healthy lifestyle media company” recently announced that it’s entered into a creative partnership with gourmet meal service Chef’d to feature the latter’s meal plans and a la carte gourmet meal kits in a variety of health-oriented trade publications. Let’s take a closer look at the particulars of Read More →


How Do You Measure Content Engagement?

When it comes to creating content for your organization, it’s critical to not only know your audience, users, and members, but also to know whether your current content is engaging this audience. The fact is, you have to know your audience in order to know what types of content will be engaging, and then you need to find out which types of content actually are Read More →

repurpose content

Don’t Forget: Leftover Content Can Be Delicious Too

As we approach the end of the year, now is a great time to think about ways to get more traction out of your existing content marketing materials. Trade publishers that are seeking more revenue and more audience for their companion websites can take advantage of this approach throughout the holiday season. There are many opportunities for squeezing out more use from your 2014 content, Read More →


4 Qualities of Headlines That Compel Visitors to Click

In the media business, headlines have always been important. When a reader buys a magazine, there is probably a good chance that the reader will check out the articles that interest them and a good headline may or may not impact the success of that particular issue. But on the Internet, a reader has the option of clicking to any website they want, which makes Read More →


Serving a Content Buffet

Blogs seem to have become the default format businesses use to get information to consumers. According to WPVirtuoso.com, there are over 152 million blogs on the Internet and that number keeps rising. Companies that spend the time to generate at least 20 blog posts per month generate approximately five times more web traffic than the blogs that only generate four posts per month. It cannot Read More →


Evergreen or Topical Content: Which Is Better?

Both evergreen and topical content are driving forces behind a successful publication. In most cases, you don’t want to choose between the two. Otherwise, your relevance depends on one angle, and that angle probably doesn’t appeal to everyone every day. The key is finding the balance that works for you and your audience.   Work style, target audience, and even the volume of contributing writers Read More →


Expert Interview with Scott Baradell on How You Choose Your Content

If you want to know whether your marketing efforts are truly working, quit focusing on things like Facebook likes and Twitter followers, says Scott Baradell, president of inbound marketing agency Idea Grove – these analytics are outdated and not especially useful. Ultimately, Scott says the only metrics-related questions that really matter are: 1. Are you driving traffic to your website? 2. Are you engaging that Read More →


Is Your Content Optimized for Aggregators?

Publishing content is a surefire way to attract and retain site visitors while building credibility and brand power, but only if your content is being posted where readers will see it. In the past, this simply meant posting content to your website or sending out a newsletter, but today, with advances in things like social media, content publishers are having to change the way they Read More →


Expert Interview with Antonino Tati on Standout Online Content

Established in 1997, Cream Magazine has always offered pop culture lovers an alternative to the gossip rags found in the checkout line at the grocery store. Publisher and editor Antonino Tati maintains that the magazine’s fresh voice has allowed the publication to grow its audience, even as it stopped printing in 2011, opting for a digital-only product. We recently asked Antonino, whose helmed the transformation of his Read More →

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