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digital startups

3 Things Big Media Outlets are Learning from Digital Startups

Established names in television, including MSNBC, NBC Universal, and CBS are entering into partnerships with promising internet startups. Is this merely a case of media company midlife crises causing these old-guard companies to buy the equivalent of a hot new sports car, or do these partnerships represent a smart new strategy to bring digital promise to a medium in need of new ideas? Partnerships Between Read More →

TV Advertising

User-Targeted Ads for Broadcast Television? They’re Here!

User-targeted ads on digital platforms are now the norm, but what about for the television? It seems like a futuristic idea that could help audience engagement in some distant time. However, it is already here. There are now a number of companies using the idea of user-targets ads for broadcast television, and so can you! SEE ALSO: Digital and TV Advertising Campaigns Work Hand in Hand Read More →