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Gordon Borrell: Recruitment Spending, Online Services, & Niche

As we related in a previous article, Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates recently presented a revealing webinar entitled “Where the Recruitment Dollars Went (and how to get them back).” This webinar focused on the increasing shift toward digital media as the central player in the recruitment advertising arena, complete with some telling numbers on how employers were allocating their recruitment advertising budgets and which forms Read More →

Borrell Conference

Why you should attend Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing Conference

It’s the fall and so begins the conference season. One conference not to miss is Gordon Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing. Here is why: Borrell’s Expertise Borrell’s insights into the multi-million dollar recruitment services market suggest that companies spent more on recruiting in 2014 than they did in 2013. Two-thirds of those companies plan to increase spending by nearly 3%. Furthermore, nearly 96 percent of local recruiting revenue Read More →