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What Does the Future Hold for Pay for Performance Job Advertising?

Over the past few years, companies have started to ask recruiting websites about pay for performance job ads. In other words, the company only pays for a recruiting ad if it gets some sort of positive response. While the concept can seem fairly easy, it is actually a loaded question that has several layers that need to be figured out before pay for performance can Read More →


How to Get Visitors to Spend More Time with Your Native Ads

Native ads are those ads that are not as intrusive as banner and link ads, and they are supposed to add value for the reader. Whether or not native ads enhance the reading experience for the user is up for debate, but The Atlantic has learned that good native advertising can definitely increase revenue. According to Digiday.com, the new native ads on The Atlantic’s website Read More →


How Will Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Affect the News Industry?

When Apple and Facebook decided to get into the news distribution business, the move signaled the beginning of the end for the ability of publishers to determine how their content is delivered to customers. On the one hand, social media platforms delivering news stories can affect just how much revenue the publishers can generate, and it can add a sort of random element to the Read More →


Why Local Publishers Top National Newspapers for Advertisers

If advertising is a game of numbers, then it would make sense that national newspaper advertising would hold more clout than local or regional advertising. But as The Guardian points out, everything is not always what it seems. Apparently, nearly 50 percent of people who read local, regional and national newspapers are more inclined to respond to local and regional advertising than they are the Read More →


How Publishers Can Win Mobile Advertising

Back in the good old days of newspaper publishing, print advertising was king. If you could create a catchy print ad, then your marketing agency could buy up print space in all of the relevant newspapers and make your client a bundle. The catch was that the newspapers knew how valuable that marketing real estate was, and marketing companies had to pay a pretty penny Read More →


How Can Virtual Reality Save Print Media?

It’s becoming apparent that one of the things that separate the music industry from the print industry is that the print industry is learning how to utilize technology to grow revenue, while the music industry continues to fight technology in an attempt to hold onto revenue streams that are rapidly disappearing. When it comes to the innovation level of the print industry, few things are Read More →


Why Audience Data is Becoming an Even Hotter Property

For better or for worse, selling ad space is no longer the primary way to go in the age of mobile devices and real-time marketing data. If you’re looking for new ways to energize profits for your publication’s online presence, then maybe it’s time you leveraged something even more desirable to advertisers — the precious data you have on the audience they seek. Let’s take Read More →


Are People Seeing Your Digital Ads?

As a publisher, advertising represents a significant and growing portion of your revenue. Ideally, digital advertising can help online publishers quickly monetize online publications or companion sites. But there is more to making an ongoing profit from advertising than selling space and keeping your readership numbers up. A recent study released by Google suggest that as many as 50% of digital advertisements are going unseen. Read More →


4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Mobile App

By now, most publishers have an app they use to interact with their customer base and drive mobile advertising revenue. But are you getting the most interaction you can with your app? There are a few ways you can not only get your app loaded onto more smartphones and tablets, but also increase interaction with your customer base and drive more revenue. SEE ALSO: What to Read More →


3 Audience Engagement Questions to Answer When Striving for Digital Dominance

According to the Shareaholic blog, if you want to increase audience engagement, then you have to care more about your audience. That seems pretty basic, but it is not as simple as it sounds. As many online publishers are finding out, understanding a digital audience is a complicated and difficult task. More people are switching from print newspapers to digital, and that is creating a Read More →