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September Jobs Report: 4.2% Unemployment Rate; 33,000 Jobs Lost

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in September dipped to 4.2 percent. This is 0.2 percent lower than the unemployment rate in August and 0.1 percent lower than the unemployment rate in July. The number of jobs created fell by 33,000 after adding an average of 172,000 jobs per month over the last 12 months. Employment increased in health care, Read More →


Expert Interview with Frances Cole Jones on Job Searching and Interviews

Frances Cole Jones started her career as an editor, working with authors to better interpret ideas. She rapidly realized, though, that those skills could be applied to candidates and interviews, and has since become one of the premier career experts, offering advice on TV, books and on her website. She spoke with us about interviewing and the surprises you might find in that office.How have job interviews Read More →


Expert Interview with Dr. David Brendel on Executive Coaching

Dr. David Brendel started his career by earning both his PhD and MD in psychology, and ever since, he’s been focused on helping all of us get the most out of the workplace, whether as an author, a speaker or as the head of Leading Minds, an executive coaching service. He shared some insights with us on executive coaching and workplace wellness. What are some emotional Read More →


Expert Interview with Kimberly Patterson About HR and Job Seeking

As a successful HR pro turned successful consultant, Kimberly Patterson has the wisdom, experience and background to be an expert in her field. Her hands-on and innovative approaches allow her to deliver the best solutions to meet business challenges. She successfully utilizes her knowledge in all things HR to help businesses in whatever capacity they need. Kimberly, founder of Unconventional HR, took some time to talk Read More →

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3 Digital Trends for Publishers in 2014 [SlideShare]

Today, publishers are facing new challenges as advertisers move from newspapers to online channels and into new formats. Print advertising revenue is now just 45% of what it was in 2006. However, leading advertisers still believe premium content publishers are superior at achieving their branding objectives over all other media.  In order to capture the advertising spend of leading advertisers, publishers must develop innovative advertising Read More →

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How to Keep the Attention of Job Site Visitors

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the most well-articulated job post in the history of job posts. If it doesn’t match the way job seekers read, it might be overlooked. Almost worse, it could result in a mountain of unqualified applicants. New research reveals that what job seekers claim about the way they read doesn’t align with what they do, according to Lauren Weber Read More →