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5 Digital Publishing Tips to Increase Revenue

With the digital world taking over practically everything, it’s important to keep up. Digital publishing is a large part of the magazine, newspaper, or book market. There is almost any kind of publication available in a digital format. That means that companies need to stay up to speed with the quickly advancing market by coming up with new marketing strategies to increase revenue. Here are Read More →


3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition

While subscription can serve as your publication’s lifeblood, attracting new subscribers serves as the sustenance that will keep your publication growing and thriving. Unfortunately, and especially in the age of the Internet, too many organizations and associations have gotten caught up in marketing gimmicks that not only work to push potential subscribers away, but also that work to weaken relationships with current subscribers. RELATED: Exploring the Read More →


What’s the Future of the Paywall?

For centuries, newspaper publishers offered the same stories and advertising to masses of people, and then collected their shekels each week as part of a subscription payment. The act of the paper delivered coming to the door each Friday to collect on the subscription costs had become as much of a part of daily life as the morning coffee. When something is done successfully for Read More →


How Will Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Affect the News Industry?

When Apple and Facebook decided to get into the news distribution business, the move signaled the beginning of the end for the ability of publishers to determine how their content is delivered to customers. On the one hand, social media platforms delivering news stories can affect just how much revenue the publishers can generate, and it can add a sort of random element to the Read More →


Why Local Publishers Top National Newspapers for Advertisers

If advertising is a game of numbers, then it would make sense that national newspaper advertising would hold more clout than local or regional advertising. But as The Guardian points out, everything is not always what it seems. Apparently, nearly 50 percent of people who read local, regional and national newspapers are more inclined to respond to local and regional advertising than they are the Read More →


How to Design the Ultimate Infographic

Publishers love infographics because they are visual representations of information that bring in a lot of web traffic. If you want your infographic to be effective, then you need to understand the elements that go into creating a visual presentation of information that people can both enjoy and use as a resource. It is not as easy as it sounds, but the results that come Read More →


How Publishers Can Win Mobile Advertising

Back in the good old days of newspaper publishing, print advertising was king. If you could create a catchy print ad, then your marketing agency could buy up print space in all of the relevant newspapers and make your client a bundle. The catch was that the newspapers knew how valuable that marketing real estate was, and marketing companies had to pay a pretty penny Read More →


How Can Virtual Reality Save Print Media?

It’s becoming apparent that one of the things that separate the music industry from the print industry is that the print industry is learning how to utilize technology to grow revenue, while the music industry continues to fight technology in an attempt to hold onto revenue streams that are rapidly disappearing. When it comes to the innovation level of the print industry, few things are Read More →


Why Audience Data is Becoming an Even Hotter Property

For better or for worse, selling ad space is no longer the primary way to go in the age of mobile devices and real-time marketing data. If you’re looking for new ways to energize profits for your publication’s online presence, then maybe it’s time you leveraged something even more desirable to advertisers — the precious data you have on the audience they seek. Let’s take Read More →


Why You Don’t Notice That Native Ads Are All Over Your Facebook

Online marketing and advertising experts spend a lot of time, and their customers spend a lot of money, trying to find the most cost-efficient ways to reach the largest audiences. Over the years, online publishers have learned that they have an advantage over printed publications in that ad placement can be dynamic and focused on the individual reader’s preferences. Native advertising has become very popular Read More →

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