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3 Free Tools to Use for Trade Association Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that is quickly growing in popularity, but not just among businesses and search engines. The truth is that content marketing is becoming a very helpful tool that professional and trade associations can leverage to attract new members through the web. At the heart of things, content marketing is basically the act of delivering valuable, informative, and relevant content to prospective Read More →


4 Tips for Making Your B2B Content Engaging

Improved reader loyalty and engagement should stand near the top of any trade publisher’s wish list, as they do for some 88 percent of content marketers polled. If you’re catering to a B2B audience, how do you grab their attention and keep it? Here are four tips for boosting your engagement factor. SEE ALSO: Audience Engagement with Video: Why it works, and How to Use Read More →

Click that link

From Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to Your Publication: Getting Readers to Click That Link

Social media is one of the best ways to engage current readers and find new ones. You probably already have Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts set up with fresh tweets, posts, and pins. But how do you get your followers to leave that social media site and land on yours? SEE ALSO: Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site Build Your Audience Read More →

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More Proof Webinars Drive Audience Participation

Webinars, an increasingly popular format that associations are using to disperse information and knowledge, are more easily distributed than ever. A portmanteau of “web” and “seminar”, a webinar is an important tool when trying to attract and retain association members, and with a little planning, your association can use these tools to recruit new members and bring value to membership as a whole. SEE ALSO: Read More →

Association website content

4 Ways to Keep Your Association’s Website Fresh and Relevant

Do you feel like your association’s website is not generating enough attention? If so, you aren’t alone. Currently, there are so many website and ads and marketing gimmicks and so on floating around the Internet that it can seem impossible to get ahead. Thankfully, there are some tried, true, and necessary tips that you can implement now in order to get your associations noticed, including: Read More →

Start Planning

Start Planning for 2016 Now

It’s never too early to plan, and seeing as how 2015 has already met it’s halfway point, now is the perfect time to start thinking about success in 2016. In fact, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) is already planning a conference, set for April of 2016, to help you do just that. The Great Ideas in Association Management Conference, Asia-Pacific, is designed to Read More →

Green Screen

Here’s A Secret: A Green Screen Can Transform Your Next Event

If you’re not technologically savvy, you may not know what a green screen is or how it works. Basically, a green screen is exactly what it sounds like: a green screen. The key to what a green screen does, however, is in the actual tone of the green used. When processed through a camera and editing software, a specific type of green can be “keyed”, Read More →

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Not too long ago it was enough – and sometimes quite profitable – to build a job board and just let the user click away until they find a great match. In the Social Age, however, users expect more; clicking the “Apply Now” button is no longer good enough. They expect to learn, grow and even be entertained during each visit. This means your site Read More →

Combat Member Attrition

4 Tips for Combating Member Attrition

Attrition is bound to happen among associations and organizations. Everything from business influences to social and perception change can affect attrition. The key, however, is to know when to change or implement a strategy to combat attrition. During down cycles, what is your association or organization doing on its own to fight against a downward trend? The answers to these questions may end up being Read More →

4 Fast Facts About How We Watch Video

4 Fast Facts About How People are Consuming Mobile Video

Mobile video is a worldwide phenomenon, according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and On Device Research. The report, entitled “Mobile Video Usage: A Global Perspective,” distributed a 20-question survey among respondents in 24 countries, with 200 mobile device users in each country participating. Let’s look at four fast facts about the findings — and how they might help shape your trade publication’s Read More →