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3 Offers to Help Boost Customer Acquisition

While subscription can serve as your publication’s lifeblood, attracting new subscribers serves as the sustenance that will keep your publication growing and thriving. Unfortunately, and especially in the age of the Internet, too many organizations and associations have gotten caught up in marketing gimmicks that not only work to push potential subscribers away, but also that work to weaken relationships with current subscribers. RELATED: Exploring the Read More →


3 Tips for Setting the Perfect Agenda for Your Meeting

An agenda is a very powerful tool to have set in place when planning any type of meeting. This becomes especially true when the meeting you are planning involves a large group of people, something that is often the case in meetings of trade associations or professional organizations. Without a clear agenda set ahead of time, it can be very easy to get off-track, allow Read More →


BEEP BOOP BOOP! Could Robots Sit in at Your Next Association Meeting?

Robots are all around you, whether you realize it or not. As defined by, a robot is “a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.” This can be anything from a microwave to a modern car, and keep in mind that, although a robot is technically automated, it takes a human in order to Read More →


Facts to Know About Programmatic Advertising

When it comes to recruitment for your professional association or organization, you already know that purchasing digital ads is a key part of success within the process. What you likely also know is that negotiating with advertisers, finding the right placement for your ads, and monitoring markets can be not only a pain, but also a money and time waster. To combat this, many associations Read More →


How to Use Marketing Automation to Gain New Members

Although your trade association or professional organization is not technically considered a “business”, its approach to recruitment and member retention needs to follow many of the same marketing rules and trends that traditional businesses follow in order to achieve success. In the past, this meant spending valuable time and resources in an attempt to bring in new members and keep current members engaged, but thanks Read More →


Examining the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users

Social media audiences are starting to become extremely segmented in how they get their news, how they react to news, and how they share news content. It used to be that online publishers could get their content read based on the basic age demographics assigned to large social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. But those audiences are changing and now publishers need to Read More →


How Frustration Can Illustrate Your Associations Value

When it comes to trade association or professional organization member recruitment, is it ever a good idea to frustrate your members? In fact, when running any type of business, is it ever a good idea to cause strife for them? The common sense answer is “no”, but what you might be missing out on is the answer “yes”. SEE ALSO: How to Combat a Cyber Attack Read More →


New Jobs Report Shows Tightening Labor Market

Many job seekers can rest assured about this year’s national employment picture following its impressive 2014 turnaround. Some of the numbers are nicer than others, but certain job sectors in particular offer good prospects for qualified candidates. Let’s take a closer look at this tightening of the labor market — and what it might mean for America’s unemployed. SEE ALSO: As Unemployment Drops, How Can Job Read More →

cyber attack

How to Combat a Cyber Attack on Your Association

The Internet has undoubtedly made the world a more connected and productive place, but it has also made the world more dangerous. Tech-savvy individuals who possess ill intent are often referred to as hackers, and these people can sometimes cripple even the largest companies and government institutions in the world. In fact, just recently, the Internal Revenue Service in the United States was the victim Read More →

Local Native Advertising

Can Native Ads Boost Your Audience Engagement?

When it comes to advertising, content marketing is where the real value currently resides. It’s central in cultivating audience engagement. In particular, native advertising, or advertising that blends in with typical content, has proven itself to be a true advantage for businesses and associations across the world. To prove this, one only needs to look to the New York Times, a publication that now offers advertisers to Read More →

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