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Is Your Company Ready for the Mobile Video Ad Explosion?

There is a perfect mobile marketing storm brewing that your organization needs to get in touch with right now if you want to take advantage of it. The CNET website points out that 4G download speeds are the fastest cellular access speeds the world has ever seen and the 4G networks around the world are growing. With smartphone services getting faster and screen sizes getting Read More →


3 Keys to Attracting New Advertisers

Attracting new advertisers is one of the most critical components in running a successful trade publication as advertisers are often one of the most, if not the only, source of revenue such publications bring in. What’s important to point out, however, is that, with the changing digital landscape, attracting new advertisers has become more complicated than in the past. Previously, attracting and retaining advertisers was Read More →


Newspapers’ Digital Audience Keeps Growing

If you thought that the newspaper industry was dying, new data suggests that you’re totally wrong. In fact, according to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) and comScore, a leading analytics company, newspaper readership has gained ground, and although this data shows a peak in August of 2014, the growing trend of getting news from digital editions of newspapers appears to be on an upward Read More →


The Fastest Growing Segment of Digital Newspapers: Young Women

When people start to talk about the notion that print is dead, they have to be careful on how they phrase that statement. The printed word can appear in many formats and lately, the digital format is the most popular. On paper or on screen, the Newspaper Association of America is happy to announce that print is very much alive and growing. The Reach Of Read More →


Why the iPhone 6 Could Be a Big Win for Mobile Ads

According to the Pew Research Journalism Project, more than two thirds of all revenue for domestic news sites comes from advertising. A visit to major or niche news sites quickly reveals advertising banners, side bars filled with ads and text interspersed with advertisements relevant to the story. But the movement to digital devices is changing the advertising landscape as publishers get less real estate to Read More →


The Explosion in Digital Ad Spending and What It Means to You

Global advertising buying continues to rise and digital advertising is a huge part of that growth. According to the TechCrunch website, the total advertising buy for the global market in 2013 was $503 billion. That is a steady growth of 3.5 percent from 2012, but those numbers are expected to pick up their pace as digital advertising becomes more and more popular. How Big Is Read More →


Local Media Consortium Reaches Deal with Yahoo

The idea that the Internet should be for local advertising as well as national audiences was reinforced recently when the Local Media Consortium, an organization that is made up of 55 local media advertising organizations, signed a three-year marketing deal with Yahoo. This is one of the tools that Yahoo intends to use to try and compete with the growing ability of Google to reach local Read More →


3 Lessons to Learn from 100 Years of Variety

In 1905, Sime Silverman had an idea to launch a weekly entertainment newspaper that would the only source anyone would ever need for entertainment information. He wanted it to be the one resource that entertainers, entertainment business professionals and fans used to find out what was going on with the world of radio, movies and print. To satisfy his dream, Silverman founded Variety Magazine and he was Read More →

social media

The Time is Now for Top-Level Media Executives to Tread into Social Media

The role of today’s media executive is dramatically different from what it was a decade ago. New skills are required, and new tools are available to help media executives make the most of their digital publications. Social media is a cornerstone of the new media experience, and if you’re ignoring social media, you’re shortchanging your publication.  Social media has extended everyone’s reach, and has turned Read More →

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How to Handle Customer Service with Digital Publications

In the print era, customer service often revolved around issues like starting and stopping delivery for customers on vacation, or addressing complaints about newspapers not arriving or being left in puddles.  In the digital news era, customer service is very different. Today you may have customers confused about whether to buy an app through an app store or through a publication’s website. Or a customer Read More →