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Google News Lab Launches a Trio of Crowd-Sourced Journalism Projects

Google News Lab Launches a Trio of Crowd-Sourced Journalism Projects

Google takes a beating in the public opinion arena because it is a large company that controls the flow of a lot of information. When the search giant bought YouTube, many users wondered if Google would constrain the kind of videos that would be accepted and limit what people could see. But when the opposite happened and YouTube started taking on even more videos than Read More →


More People Choosing Smartphones for Their News Consumption

Online publishers are always looking for an edge that will help bring traffic their way, but there is a lot to be said for sticking with the basics as well. The one basic rule that has been part of the publishing industry since it started is that you have to present information in a format that people are interested in utilizing. The idea that you Read More →


How Has Jeff Bezos Changed The Washington Post?

When CEO Jeff Bezos paid $250 million for the Washington Post in March 2013, the move had a lot of people scratching their heads. Up to that point, Bezos had showed great initiative in innovating the Internet retail world, but not many people understood his connection to the icons of standard media such as the Washington Post. Some of the immediate changes Bezos made Read More →


What’s Next When Your Mobile Readership Surges?

As a newspaper that’s moving in the 21st century, a spike in your mobile readership is probably one of your top goals. When your readers start to consult your content while on the go, whether from mobile phones or tablets, your brand has recognized a major achievement and reached a significant brand milestone. But a spike in mobile readership can create its own set of Read More →

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Why the World’s Richest Men Invest in Newspapers

In the midst of the financial chaos that occurred in 2009, billionaire Carlos Slim loaned the owners of the New York Times $250 million. The Times had its financial back up against a wall as its credit line was about to expire and the company needed to solidify its cash position. But the amazing part about this story is not that Slim loaned a quarter Read More →


What to Take Away from the Lack of Interest in the Netflix of Magazines

Print publications continue to struggle in some ways to remain relevant in a digital world, while still maintaining a strong business model in other areas of the entertainment industry. Local newspapers and specialty magazines remain very popular in print format, while national newspapers and general purpose magazines are struggling to find a balance between digital and print offerings. SEE ALSO: What Publishers Can Learn From Netflix’s Read More →

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Why Hispanic Online Video Consumption Needs to Be On Your Radar

  If you’re a savvy trade publisher, you already know that video is one of the keys to success in marketing your business throughout 2015 and beyond. But when it comes to demographics, who are you counting on to bring about the most revenue? While white males in their late teens and early twenties are still a highly prized demographic, the tide has been, and Read More →

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The Blurred Lines between Native Ads and Content Management System

As publishers are increasingly offering native advertising as a key advertising format – that is, sponsored posts that integrate the brand promotion of advertising in a more natural content format – the technology behind the process is quickly evolving. Today’s publishers are looking for solutions beyond their content management systems to offer better promotion, targeting, and advanced features like frequency capping. Some are choosing outside Read More →


4 Newspaper Trends to Watch for 2015

2014 was an exciting year in the newspaper and publishing sector, and a quick glance ahead suggests that 2015 holds the promise of more change, innovation, and profits. For businesses that can keep up with the changing needs of everything from content production to advertising relationships to cross-platform development, the opportunities for growth are nearly endless. Here’s a closer look at a handful of big Read More →


The Lightning Fast Rise of the Mobile-Only Newspaper Audience

In the past, sitting down at the kitchen table or in a recliner in the morning to read the paper was an all-too-common daily ritual for many Americans … then came the Internet. As online technology grew and branched out, it forced news publishers to re-evaluate their print offerings, with many scrambling to learn new technology in order to continue to hold market share in Read More →

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