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4 Ways to Better Market Your Nonprofit Association

Although running a non-profit organization is different from running a for-profit company in many ways, when it comes to marketing, the approaches are very similar. You still want to attract customers, even if you aren’t concentrating on generating a profit, and in cases where a non-profit organization seeks memberships, such an organization will need to market to individuals and groups in order to attract and Read More →


How Do You Measure Content Engagement?

When it comes to creating content for your organization, it’s critical to not only know your audience, users, and members, but also to know whether your current content is engaging this audience. The fact is, you have to know your audience in order to know what types of content will be engaging, and then you need to find out which types of content actually are Read More →

editoral calendar

How to Use the Calendar to Create Engaging Content

Do you follow an editorial calendar to drive your content strategy? If not, it’s possible that the addition of a calendar that’s mindful of bigger dates could help dramatically improve both your readers’ experience and the revenue that you capture from advertisers. Editorial calendars can help tie the flow of content and ads to bigger world events, while creating a more cohesive experience between advertising Read More →


Attracting & Retaining Members with a Great Content Strategy

RealMatch was fortunate to host a webinar with Hilary Marsh, Chief Content and Digital Strategist of Content Company, exploring the important topic of “Attracting & Retaining Members with a Great Content Strategy.” Professional and trade associations frequently hear that content marketing needs to be a core component of their digital growth and visibility strategy. In her presentation, Ms. Marsh explored strategies for content marketing at Read More →

repurpose content

Don’t Forget: Leftover Content Can Be Delicious Too

As we approach the end of the year, now is a great time to think about ways to get more traction out of your existing content marketing materials. Trade publishers that are seeking more revenue and more audience for their companion websites can take advantage of this approach throughout the holiday season. There are many opportunities for squeezing out more use from your 2014 content, Read More →


Can Bundling Products Boost Revenues?

Could bundling products or services be another big trend to impact the publishing world this year? Bundling is a relatively simple tactic that you’ve likely seen at work in the world of infomercials: “buy the fitness package today, and you’ll not only get the DVDs but you’ll also get the bonus food guide, jump rope, and the extra special DVDs.” By adding more perceived value Read More →


4 Content Strategies to Explore in 2015 for Engagement & Member Communication

As 2014 is winding to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and challenges, but it’s also time to start planning ahead for 2015. By getting a jump start on your content strategies now for the year ahead, you’ll be more likely to have a solid plan in place to engage readers and increase revenue. Below are some tips to help you Read More →


4 Qualities of Headlines That Compel Visitors to Click

In the media business, headlines have always been important. When a reader buys a magazine, there is probably a good chance that the reader will check out the articles that interest them and a good headline may or may not impact the success of that particular issue. But on the Internet, a reader has the option of clicking to any website they want, which makes Read More →


Serving a Content Buffet

Blogs seem to have become the default format businesses use to get information to consumers. According to, there are over 152 million blogs on the Internet and that number keeps rising. Companies that spend the time to generate at least 20 blog posts per month generate approximately five times more web traffic than the blogs that only generate four posts per month. It cannot Read More →


4 Ways to Engage Using Reddit

Reddit (stylized as reddit) is easily one of the most influential social media sites on the web, and if you aren’t leveraging it to grow traffic and revenue, you’re likely missing out. The site essentially functions as a message board through which there is a main “front page”, but there are also user created sub-boards, known on the site as “subreddits”. These sub-sections allow users Read More →

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