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What Your Newspaper Can Learn from USA Today’s Mobile App Success

For newspaper publishers, USA Today is a recognized brand that reached national prominence and connected with a wide variety of audience archetypes, from business readers looking for a quick summary of the top headlines to average readers that loved lifestyle pieces. USA Today is leading the way again as their audience increasingly becomes mobile through a dedicated mobile application. Mobile marketer actually recently named the Read More →


Can Bundling Products Boost Revenues?

Could bundling products or services be another big trend to impact the publishing world this year? Bundling is a relatively simple tactic that you’ve likely seen at work in the world of infomercials: “buy the fitness package today, and you’ll not only get the DVDs but you’ll also get the bonus food guide, jump rope, and the extra special DVDs.” By adding more perceived value Read More →


4 Newspaper Trends to Watch for 2015

2014 was an exciting year in the newspaper and publishing sector, and a quick glance ahead suggests that 2015 holds the promise of more change, innovation, and profits. For businesses that can keep up with the changing needs of everything from content production to advertising relationships to cross-platform development, the opportunities for growth are nearly endless. Here’s a closer look at a handful of big Read More →


4 Ways to Monetize Your New Site

If you’ve just launched a website for your trade association, it’s a great time to be excited. It can mean new avenues for engagement and income streams for your trade organization. But monetizing your website isn’t always the easiest or most organic thing that you’ve tried to do. Instead, it helps to have a strategy and think through different ways that you can cultivate online Read More →


Are You Making the Most of Your Video Potential?

Your website is supposed to be designed to generate revenue, but it cannot maximize its revenue potential if you are not keeping up with the latest trends. Multimedia presentations have always been popular on the Internet, but there is more to multimedia than just putting up a picture or a video. If you want to generate more revenue, then you need to properly utilize video. Read More →

The publisher's guide to programmatic advertising

The Publisher’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising [Infographic]

RTB and programmatic are taking over the digital ad industry.¬†It is estimated that 90% of U.S advertising will be bought programmatically by 2017.¬†Programmatic advertising allows publishers to unlock the value of underutilized inventory by optimizing CPMs and targeting. It may be a few years before real-time, cross-channel targeting and optimization become the norm, but forward-thinking media companies are already making rapid progress in this direction Read More →


3 Reasons the Desktop Isn’t Dead

If you’ve paid any bit of attention to marketing trends recently, it seems that everyone is hyped up about mobile devices. As such, many marketers are moving toward targeting the mobile platform, and some have even done away with desktop campaigns altogether. Unfortunately for these marketers, the desktop is still alive and well, and a recent report from Marin Software shows that the desktop is Read More →


4 Site Monetization Tools to Consider for 2015

In 2015, the American public will have its second go-around with Obamacare and the opportunities to make money with your healthcare-related website are growing. The website, unlike most other government run facilities, has been evolving and changing quickly. If you want to boost the revenue generated by your healthcare-related website, then there are a few tools you should consider adding to your site that Read More →


4 Advantages of a Robust Member Benefits Program

Does your professional association offer a membership benefits program? As organizations look for new ways to offer more value to attract members, prospective members are also being more frugal and demanding increasing value from their memberships. A membership benefits program, which partners with a wide range of service providers and companies to offer member discounts, can help be a significant value-add to your members. Here’s Read More →

monetize using email

How You Can Tap Your Email Database for Traffic Monetization

There are plenty of tools available to business owners these days to generate more traffic to their company websites and monetize that traffic, but perhaps one of the most often overlooked online tools is the humble email. What’s important to remember and recognize about emails is that they serve as instant and constant contact with your customers and potential customers. With the click of a Read More →