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How to Use Facebook to Find Your Niche Audience

Facebook is the undisputed king of social media (for now,) and this means that if you plan to target any potential new members with marketing materials through social networking, you’re going to have to rely on Facebook for at least part of the job. Thankfully, Facebook makes it relatively easy to seek out targeted users based on a variety of demographic data, including age, gender, Read More →


One-Sentence Newspaper Stories and the Impact of the Apple Watch

It is said that those who can adapt to technology the fastest are the ones who will generate the most profit. In some cases, adapting to technology does not necessarily make everything better. For example, Apple is preparing to launch the first in a line of products it calls ‘smart wearable devices’ in the form of its Apple Watch, and the media industry is already Read More →

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Why Some Publishers are Going Back to Print

If you’re convinced that digital publishing is the future of trade publications, then you might be surprised at how many publishers seem to be looking to the past. An increasing number of online publications have made a point of either maintaining their print editions or have changed their focus to re-emphasize the printed page. Why are they returning to their analog roots — and in Read More →

Audience Development Strategy: Are You Using Facebook Correctly?

Should Newspapers Let Facebook Host Their Content?

Facebook has announced that it will open up a platform that will allow publisher websites to host their content on Facebook and the social media giant will pay the publishers a portion of the profits. It sounds great, but it is a deal that should be scrutinized closely before a publisher decides to move their content to Facebook. While Facebook reaches millions of people around Read More →


3 Audience Engagement Lessons from the New York Times

Do you know the difference between audience engagement and clicks? Or, for that matter, audience engagement and likes on social media? Sadly, too few publishers or business owners do, but don’t feel bad … even the New York Times has been struggling with this issue as of late. The fact is, having a strong brand is bound to garner attention on social media sites, including Read More →


How Do You Measure Content Engagement?

When it comes to creating content for your organization, it’s critical to not only know your audience, users, and members, but also to know whether your current content is engaging this audience. The fact is, you have to know your audience in order to know what types of content will be engaging, and then you need to find out which types of content actually are Read More →


Newspapers’ Digital Audience Reaches New Heights

Information is always in demand and more publishers are starting to realize that all they need to do to maintain a profit is shift the way they deliver that information. There was a bit of apprehension among the newspaper publishing community when the Internet started to become popular, but numbers released recently by comScore show that newspapers can survive on the Internet and even grow. Read More →


Newspapers Need Fewer Ads, More Relationships, Says Media

Undoubtedly, ads are a major part of your publication’s survival. After all, in order to keep consumer costs down, you need to rely on ad revenue, and this revenue also allows you to build relationships with local, regional, and national businesses while creating the foundation for credibility. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to allow ads to get out of control, especially in the face Read More →

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3 Twitter Features to Consider for Marketing Your Trade Association

Social media remains a key avenue for professional and trade associations to market themselves and connect with their members. Twitter remains one of the most important large, mainstream networks. But it can be challenging for organizations that are targeting professionals to deliver a lot of value or have a big impact in 140 characters or less. Some new marketing features that have been recently announced Read More →

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Why Your Newspaper Can’t Be and Shouldn’t Be BuzzFeed

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, and more specifically, on social media, you’ve likely seen the headlines: “20 Celebrities Who Grew Up Homeless”, or, “15 Hairstyles You Never Knew Existed”. Such headlines, often associated with sites like, are meant to get you to click, but unfortunately, they very rarely deliver, even on their trivial promises. As a result, they are coined “click Read More →