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4 Tips for Making Your B2B Content Engaging

Improved reader loyalty and engagement should stand near the top of any trade publisher’s wish list, as they do for some 88 percent of content marketers polled. If you’re catering to a B2B audience, how do you grab their attention and keep it? Here are four tips for boosting your engagement factor. SEE ALSO: Audience Engagement with Video: Why it works, and How to Use Read More →

Your Budget

Member Engagement: Why a Big Budget isn’t Everything

In the world of business, including trade associations and professional associations, it may seem as though a large budget is the key to success. In fact, it makes sense, right? The more money your association has, the more marketing, advertising, outreach, and research it can do. While it’s certainly true that more money can mean more prospects, there is a variable involved that too few Read More →


Warren Buffett: What Newspapers Need to Do to Survive

If there’s one thing Warren Buffett knows, it’s how to earn the most money in the smartest way. Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha,” understands that the newspaper industry isn’t dead. It would be wise for publishers to listen to what he’s got to say. Inland Press reports that in Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, he successfully explains why he believes in the newspaper Read More →


More People Choosing Smartphones for Their News Consumption

Online publishers are always looking for an edge that will help bring traffic their way, but there is a lot to be said for sticking with the basics as well. The one basic rule that has been part of the publishing industry since it started is that you have to present information in a format that people are interested in utilizing. The idea that you Read More →


The New Competition for Publishers?

Over the years you may have had to deal with your fair share of competition from other publications — but the newest crop of rivals fighting for their share of advertiser/audience pie may in fact be brands. As these brands morph into media platforms, traditional publishers will have to respond. Let’s look at how this trend might impact your own trade publication. SEE ALSO: The Read More →


4 Tips for Making Your Association Content ‘Upworthy’

You’ve worked hard to help your trade publications’ reputation for depth of thought and editorial integrity, but at the same time you’d like to take full advantage of social media so the mass market can discover your association content. Well, you’re in luck, because you absolutely can “go viral” without watering down your content – but a dry, stuffy approach to social media won’t get you Read More →


Old Meets New: Newspapers and Instagram

When it comes to social media platforms, one of the least revenue friendly is Instagram. Unlike Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where companies can embed links and even monetize their content, Instagram is a stripped down social media platform that only allows the sharing of pictures. When it comes to newspapers that are struggling to generate revenue, Instagram does not sound very appetizing. But there are Read More →


Get Social: 3 Benefits of a Robust Social Media Presence

Social media is a fact of life for businesses of all types, and as a result, it’s also a fact of life for professional associations that want to get ahead. Your members expect to be able to connect with your association through social media, but they also expect to be able to share their own content through social media and connect with other members online. Read More →


The State of Newspapers 2015

The Pew Research Center released its report for the state of the newspaper industry in 2015 using 2014 numbers and the results are a jumbled mix. According to the report published on, the overall circulation for newspapers dropped from 2013 to 2014. But there are some interesting facts that publishers can grab onto and use as inspiration heading into the future. SEE ALSO: 4 Newspaper Read More →


Can This Work? A Look at Pop-Up Magazine’s Live Journalism Experiment

Magazines have been known to sponsor live performances by prominent musical acts or put together lavish awards shows to advance their subject matter, but most magazines would never think about turning their content into live performances. If you want to find a copy of Pop-Up Magazine on your local news stands, you are out of luck. Pop-Up Magazine is performed live once every six months Read More →

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