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Yoav B. Guttman loves email, A/B testing, data and lots of other marketing buzzwords. He loves traveling, music, and seeing art, but especially creating quality, albeit humorous, advice for job seekers on the web series Quote The Raven (#quotetheraven). Follow him on Twitter @whybegee or LinkedIn.

3rd party partnerships

Managing Third Party Partnerships

I recently sat down for an interview with Tara Roy, RealMatch Director of Partner Success, to discuss how modern-day professionals can be successful in managing third party partnerships. In today’s hyper-tech world, nearly every company is using some kind of vendor for something. Whether a Software as a Service with no relationship to an account manager or a product with weekly or monthly progress calls, Read More →


Are Job-Hoppers Hurting Your Recruitment?

Alan Collins of recently published this amazing infographic examining job-hopping. With so much conversation about millennials entering the workforce, one of the most common criticisms of that generation is that they are too eager to job-hop after a short time. Collins examines some of the generation differences below. A New Trend? One thing is for sure though – the concept of having one job Read More →

job recruiters

Sh*t Job Recruiters Say [VIDEO]

Job Recruiters! Work Hard, Play Hard. Are you willing to take a small step backwards to make a big leap forward? Do you know what Salesforce is? Just some of the good stuff recruiters find themselves saying over and over and over again…Enjoy the rest of this humorous-but-all-to-realistic video. Here are some my favorites: “So I found you on LinkedIn and I want to chat…” Read More →


What Just Happened: Recapping Summer 2016 (Monster, SimplyHired, Yahoo, & Programmatic Impact)

What a summer! As Summer 2016 winds down, let’s revisit some of what happened these last few months that has shaken and will continue to shake both the recruitment advertising world and the HR space, or more specifically programmatic HR tech. If in May you told me that by Summer’s end Simply Hired, Monster, and Career Builder would all look radically different, I am not Read More →

tronc Launch with RealMatch

RealMatch and tronc Partner to Launch Programmatic Job Sites in 12 Markets

New York, NY, September 6, 2016—RealMatch, a leader in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions, announced today that it has launched 12 local job sites in partnership with tronc, the latest member of the TheJobNetwork™. Notable local brands include Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, among others. The partnership is aimed at helping tronc’s local media companies grow their Read More →

The Death of a Monster

Monster Acquired By Randstad: What It Means To The Recruitment Industry

August must be acquisition season this year. Just a few months after Simply Hired announced it was shuttering and sold off to the parent company of Indeed and weeks after Yahoo was sold to Verizon, 90s dotcom era giant Monster announced Tuesday morning that is it being acquired by Dutch staffing firm powerhouse Randstad for $429 million. Some commentators have described the acquisition as one Read More →

Marissa Mayer in 2009

Yahoo CEO Did What To Job Applicants?

NPR Journalist Aarti Shahani reports, on the August 1st, 2016 airing of Morning Edition, something startling and surprising about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Ms. Shahani reports that “To this day, she [Yahoo CEO Ms. Mayer] reads the resume of every person Yahoo considers hiring. That can be 50 a week, and she has to okay each and every one. She says her job is to Read More →

passive candidates

The Insider’s Guide To Passive Candidates [Infographic]

PASSIVE CANDIDATES ARE NOW 85 % OF GLOBAL WORKFORCE There are 5 areas passive candidates might be persuaded by when being approached by another company or recruiter: better pay and favorable circumstances, improved work/life evening out, more open entryways for movement, all the more troublesome work, and better sensibility for capacity set, according to Stacy Smith of Armstrong Appointment. These may hold the key to Read More →

june jobs report numbers

June Jobs Report Disproves May Doubters

  Our full Jobs Report analysis comes in next week, but we looked to Twitter for help understanding what happened in June. Was it good? Bad? Better than May? As always, there were those praising government policy, seasonal growth, blaming politics, and even their own son! Humorous or not, the general takeaway is positive, which is also reflected by records in the stock market. Here Read More →

recruitment strategy

How to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy: A Conversation

Our webinars are a great way to get insider perspectives on larger industry trends. Later this month, RealMatch President is hosting a webinar on programmatic advertising’s impact and effect on recruiting and your recruitment strategy. A few months ago, Sharlyn Lauby, the HR Bartender, was our featured guest on a webinar about employer fit. While many questions were answered during the webinar, we posed those same Read More →

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