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RealMatch is the leading recruitment advertising technology platform specializing in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions for digital publishers and employers. RealMatch combines programmatic job ad distribution with real-time job matching algorithms to automatically deliver top talent through its vast recruitment network, TheJobNetwork™. The company powers over 1000 job sites, granting employers access to local talent in every market while providing job seekers with perfectly matched opportunities!

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If the Talent Pool Lacks Diversity, So Will the Workplace

If your candidate talent pool has only one woman, she might as well look elsewhere for a job. Regardless of bias training and other efforts to the contrary, her chance of being hired fits somewhere between slim and none. Harvard Business Review (HBR) says workplace diversity is directly related to diversity in the talent pool. The group with the fewest people is the one that’s Read More →


How Programmatic Advertising Optimizes Your Job Postings

Automated job board postings, sophisticated algorithms and a “right place / right time” reach mean your ad placement is always optimized. It’s right for the job, candidates, and even the device that candidates might use to search for work. That’s the promise of programmatic advertising: it lightens the load and ramps up performance. Seasoned talent acquisition veterans have seen great change taking place in the Read More →


What Does Randstad’s Purchase of Monster Mean for the Talent Industry?

The talent industry is abuzz about Randstad’s recent $429 million acquisition of the job board purple behemoth, Monster. But the talk has less to do with the purchase and more to do with what it might indicate about the talent industry’s future. Monster’s fade from the spotlight was, at least to some, a predictable event that followed a slow and sometimes painful decline. Although it Read More →


Can the Trendy Social Channels Improve Your Social Recruiting?

Call it a stunt or whatever you like, social recruiting via the more trendy channels can be a very big deal. That’s what employers are finding lately, and you can jump in the game, too. Of course, you probably won’t use any of these as your sole source for finding clever and creative candidates. You’ve got too many resources to only use one. But can Read More →


4 Priceless Talent Sourcing Takeaways From a Declined Offer Interview

When talent sourcing, wouldn’t it be great to know what’s really on the mind of a candidate who turns down a job with your company? Some employers conduct employee interviews during onboarding and again when they eventually move on to a new job. But a declined offer interview could bring another part of the hiring process into sharper focus. If you only survey or interview Read More →


Anybody Want to Own a Small Newspaper? Anybody?

Do you want to own a small newspaper? If so, you’re apparently one of the few. Ross Connelly, owner of a longstanding, small community paper in Vermont, is ready to retire. His family has owned the print-only weekly for 30 years. And for the price of an entry fee and an essay submission, anyone could be in the running to take it over. Connelly needed a Read More →


How Times Have Changed for Salespeople in Publishing

Clients have changed with the times, and so has the way that publishing sales professionals reach them. “Revenue and conversion rates are falling,” says Peter Houston at The Media Briefing. And with so many choices, clients are taking longer and much more complicated paths from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom. The old client relationship tools don’t work anymore. And advertiser loyalty Read More →


Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media

Hardly anything changes as quickly as the state of the news media. Pew Research Center publishes research on the topic each year, and 2016’s report has a few surprises to reveal. After the Great Recession, news publishers have continually scrambled to find the true and right profitable course for the evolution that’s already underway. It’s not here yet, but there are some clues. With all Read More →

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Pokémon GO and Talent Acquisition? It’s Happening

The phenomenon that is Pokémon GO could be one of the biggest employer brand builders of the year. Take one part outrageously popular geocaching game and add one part candidate sourcing risk taker and you’ve got a recipe for catching more than just Pokémon. If you’re finding it hard to connect the dots between the summer’s most popular game and finding great talent, you’re not Read More →


3 Ways Predictive Analytics Drives Candidate Quality

There may be thousands of fantastic candidates out there for a given job or maybe there are only two. It really doesn’t matter if there’s a feast or famine if you can’t find your way to the table.Predictive analytics helps build the roadmap that connects you with the right candidates at the right time. Predictive analytics helps take the guesswork out of job ad placement Read More →