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How Technology Can Help HR Hire Better Candidates

The job of HR recruiters keeps increasing in complexity, so it’s no wonder that new technologies are more than a little welcome to help manage it all. Everything is changing. Candidate sourcing isn’t simple anymore, and neither is keeping up with the ways that they want and need to be reached. And that doesn’t begin to cover all of the data sorting, analyzation and storage. Read More →


How You Can Snag the Best Candidates

You know what you expect from job candidates. But have you thought about what they expect from you? Most candidates wouldn’t dream of expressing that sort of opinion in an interview. But the way that they view your company and the hiring process could determine whether you snag the best candidates or send them down the street to a competitor. RELATED: Do You Treat Your Candidates Read More →


Do You Treat Your Candidates Like Customers?

How well do you really know your candidates? If you have a recruiting process in place that’s seemed to work just fine for years, your answer to that question is probably at least a bit inaccurate. RELATED: Why Job Candidates are Attracted to Companies with a Mission Recruiting is, or should be, a great deal about science. There’s data available for everything that your company does, Read More →


When an Improving Economy is Bad for Business

Job seekers have worried for years about finding work, but the tide has shifted, and that’s not great news for recruiting. It’s the big truth about supply and demand. Whoever has the biggest supply has the odds stacked in their favor. Today, supply favors workers as the economy keeps improving. HR recruiters have a tougher job finding candidates than in recent history, so it’s time Read More →


Is Mobile Job Apply for You? Your Candidates Think So

Job candidates are using mobile. Are you? It’s not as basic a question as it seems. Mobile capable and mobile optimized are very different animals. The former is the least that recruiters can offer to candidates. The latter makes searching and applying for jobs with a mobile device as easy as it can be. RELATED: Mobile Recruitment Advertising: Where It’s At, Where It’s Going A healthy Read More →


January Jobs Report: Wages Up, Unemployment Down

The January jobs report is starting the year off right with an increase in hourly wages and unemployment at an 8 year low. As President Obama said, “Americans are working.” This is great news for the economy, but it means that employers might find it more difficult to recruit the best of the best. Job seekers can afford to be more selective, and many of Read More →


Whats Big in Recruiting for 2016?

Recruiting is anything but boring these days, and 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Everything is changing, from the way that the employees themselves factor into the equation to the way that qualified candidates are sourced. Recruiters are realizing that employees, and by default employee candidates, really are the vital asset that all of the great-sounding taglines claim that they are. Because Read More →


Hiring for Emerging Roles? Think Competencies Not Certifications

There have always been emerging roles, at least for as long as times have changed. Problem is, times are changing faster now, and roles are branching out in so many different directions. The jobs of tomorrow may bear little resemblance to those of today. But while the decisions that recruiters make are of paramount importance to a company’s successful growth, recruiters are also faced with Read More →


5 Digital Publishing Tips to Increase Revenue

With the digital world taking over practically everything, it’s important to keep up. Digital publishing is a large part of the magazine, newspaper, or book market. There is almost any kind of publication available in a digital format. That means that companies need to stay up to speed with the quickly advancing market by coming up with new marketing strategies to increase revenue. Here are Read More →


Why Job Matching is Different From Job Searching

All job or employee candidate searches involve at least some matching. But real-time job matching involves so much more than drilling down through keywords. You can add all the right information and sort through resumes all day. But you’ll still get the same results unless you use better technology that’s designed to do exactly what you need: finding the right people, hiring them, and then Read More →

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