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blog money

3 Keys to Monetizing Your Blog

So you want to generate revenue from your blog? Great news: It’s possible. However, you’ll want to follow certain principles of effective blogging to make that happen. Here are 3 keys to monetizing your blog. 1. First, Get an Audience If you want to generate revenue from your blog, then you’ll need to attract visitors to your site. Blogs that receive only a few hits Read More →

job matching

Job Matching and Online Recruitment: A Webinar Review

The Internet has been an invaluable benefit to both job seekers and employers. It has completely streamlined the process of connecting professional talent with recruiters. However, there is always a better way to build the mousetrap. Today, many job boards offer a list of skills that employers are seeking in qualified candidates. People who believe that they are a match for the position submit their Read More →


How to Maximize SEO for Job Boards

If you have a job board, then you know that you’re competing with other job boards for visitors and, ultimately, candidates for open positions. Writing effective job board postings is important, another way to maintain an advantage over your competitors is to optimize your website for search engine ranking. Research shows that as many as 2/3 of people searching for a job begin with a Read More →


Could Mobile App Games Help Monetize Traffic?

It’s no secret that it can often be difficult for publishers to effectively monetize mobile apps. Some developers, in an effort to overcome this challenge, are looking to “gamified” mobile ads to enhance revenue. Gamification In Adverstising What is gamification? It’s a process of user engagement that goes beyond something like a banner ad. It’s an offering of free products or services from brands that Read More →

social media traffic

Social Media Drives Advertising for Publishers Now More than Ever

Social media is driving as much as half of the traffic to some web sites. How can publishers capitalize on that? With targeted, intelligent advertising, of course. 1. The Primary Sources There was much ado (about nothing, according to some folks in-the-know) recently when Facebook changed its algorithm to make links offering “high quality” content more prominent to its users. Some sites, like Mental Floss, Read More →

Redefine Your Newspaper’s Role with New Audience Development Strategies

For newspapers struggling to survive in a declining industry, audience development has often been put on the back burner as just surviving becomes the focal point for many publishers. Online media irreparably changed journalism in how it’s distributed, consumed and marketed. As demographic swings and declining ad revenue continue to batter the industry, it becomes even more important to reach new readers — and for Read More →

Why display ads fail

Why Display Ads Fail

The early paradigm for web advertising was established back when dial-up was prevalent and pages were crammed with links in order to reduce server calls and speed information access. In today’s world of high speed connections, however, those old, clunky designs are not necessary. Pages can be more streamlined and eye-pleasing. This should make display ads more noticeable and more effective, yet display ads still Read More →