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Does Fake News Hurt the Future of Newspapers?

The year 2016 didn’t invent fake news; not even close. It will take a lot more than a firestorm of social media shares to bring down newspapers and writers with integrity. Most people have been taken in by at least one fabricated story. Now that it’s a trending topic and key phrase, it’s also a pervasive defense against every story that doesn’t support a given Read More →


4 Recruiting Solutions Used By Cutting-Edge Recruiters

The rumble of the next generation in recruiting solutions was felt a few years ago, and it’s starting to take shape. Some theories wash themselves out, such as the rush to adapt a mobile app. Most people don’t download them at all, and the ones who do rarely use them. But some theories really stick. And four of them are gaining both a following and Read More →

RealMatch Jobs Report: August 2016

August 2016 Jobs Report: Growth Taps the Brakes

August was an interesting month for employers and job seekers, with the pace of new job postings tilting down and unemployment picking up. There were still gains in August, but they showed a dramatic decline over the June and July rates in previous months jobs report. How can unemployment be on the rise with even a small job postings increase? Simple math: people are encouraged Read More →


Warren Buffett: What Newspapers Need to Do to Survive

If there’s one thing Warren Buffett knows, it’s how to earn the most money in the smartest way. Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha,” understands that the newspaper industry isn’t dead. It would be wise for publishers to listen to what he’s got to say. Inland Press reports that in Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, he successfully explains why he believes in the newspaper Read More →


Evergreen or Topical Content: Which Is Better?

Both evergreen and topical content are driving forces behind a successful publication. In most cases, you don’t want to choose between the two. Otherwise, your relevance depends on one angle, and that angle probably doesn’t appeal to everyone every day. The key is finding the balance that works for you and your audience.   Work style, target audience, and even the volume of contributing writers Read More →


How to Build a Thriving Commenter Community

One comment is almost as disappointing as none, and sometimes it’s worse. That’s like Mom calling to say you were terrific in the play that no one else noticed, when what you really wanted was a write-up in the Sunday paper. Content is important, but it can fall flat without audience interaction. Comments are one of the beauties of the Internet. Where once there were Read More →


Should You Try User Generated Content?

Love it or hate it, user-generated content continues to make the debate circuit. There’s a line of demarcation between professionally written content and the words of laypeople. You want your publication to be relatable, and that’s not always easy. By giving users the freedom to add their own opinions to your site, the line begins to blur. Neither inherently good nor bad, user-generated content does Read More →


Audience Engagement with Video: Why it Works, and How to Use It

Picture this. You’re clicking through the pages of your favorite digital magazine, and you come upon a video. What do you do? Embedded video is like a beacon. You either watch it, or make a choice not to. It’s so simple to click the button and see what’s waiting inside that little box. Audiences love video. That’s no secret, given the wild popularity of YouTube, Read More →

audience engagement

Act Like a Customer: Audience Engagement Through Their Eyes

You spend a lot of time and resources developing your brand, creating marketing strategies, and making your publication the best it can be. But are you making those critical decisions from the wrong perspective? Jim Joseph, for Entrepreneur Magazine, thinks it’s time for customer experience to come to the forefront. This doesn’t only apply to B2C. When staff only thinks about business from the vendor Read More →

Real-Time Marketing

Are You Ready for Real-Time Marketing?

Are you managing on the front side, or the back side? Traditional marketing campaigns have more time, effort, and money dedicated to the preparation phase. Once it’s launched, you can breathe a lot easier. That might be changing. In fact, the change has already begun. Real time marketing isn’t about building and creating a package to present to your audience as much as it’s about Read More →

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