How do Candidates Perceive Your Company Brand? Employees Know

If prospective employees don’t relate to your brand, you might not see the recruiting results that you’re after. Marketing and sales already know how important branding is. But with recruiting not that much different from sales anymore, HR should start to come around, and soon. Current employees can help. RELATED: What Does Your Company Stand for? Despite supporting evidence, branding is rather slow to catch on Read More →


Can Blind Recruitment Help Encourage Diversity?

Some organizations are having great luck cultivating genuine diversity in the workplace through blind recruitment. This strategy requires knowing less and consequently learning more about your candidates. Those two sentiments aren’t mutually exclusive, as they might seem. RELATED: Workplace Diversity Is The Key To Success in HR The more that you know about a candidate up front, the less likely you might be to have a Read More →


Defining and Nailing Cultural Fit

When a new hire isn’t a good cultural fit, everyone loses. The employee loses time, and you lose time and money as well. It’s buzzworthy right now, but knowing that cultural fit is important and achieving it are two different things. RELATED: 5 Ways to Improve Company Culture Of course you want employees who fit the company’s overall culture, but real fit requires matching on a Read More →

Hiring strategies for millennials

Bridging the Generational Gap: Hiring Strategies for Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers

Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers might speak almost entirely different languages and respond to different recruiting methods, but they’re all valuable assets in a diverse workplace. If you could peek into the mind of one, you’d likely see different process and a different sort of culture expectation than you’d find in another. Unless you can alter your approach as needed, you might miss out Read More →


4 Newspaper Trends to Watch for 2016

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for newspapers. So much for the gloom and doom of previous years. In 2016, the puzzle pieces that make up the current publishing evolution are finally fitting together. There’s a deeper understanding of what the new business model should look like, and the outlook is good. RELATED:Forecasting 2016: How Digital and Print Ads will Evolve in the Read More →


4 Common Challenges for Recruiters and How to Handle Them

Recruitment challenges pop up routinely, and they typically boil down to finding and keeping the best talent. Maybe the problem is in the process. Outmoded methods and dated technology don’t do anyone any favors. Or maybe your company suffers from a dwindling supply of qualified applicants. A recruiter’s work is truly never done. But with a few tweaks and a new direction, you’ll work through Read More →


How to Create an Employee Referral Program That Works

Employee referrals are unsurpassed in improving hiring volume and the quality of new hires. That’s according to ERE Media, and they go on to explain that this rich resource is #1 in improving time to fill, retention and applicant-to-hire ratio. If you don’t have an employee referral program, it’s time to pull one together. RELATED:5 Ways to Improve Company Culture Build a solid referral program Read More →

Unemployment Rate

March Jobs Report: Is Doom Around The Corner?

On April 1, 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment was up by 215,000 new jobs for the month of March. Unemployment, which was at 5 percent, experienced little change from February. The Wall Street Journal had predicted results that were nearly identical, so there was little surprise among economists. The biggest employment increases were found in retail trade, construction and health Read More →


High-Touch and High-Tech: Why Publishers Need to Accommodate Both for Advertisers

If publishers want to win over a newer breed of advertisers, they’ll need to revisit what was great about the high-touch old ways. The technological innovation that makes programmatic advertising sales such a boon leaves one important gap, and that’s a personal touch. Accommodate both, and you’ll have a winning combination that sells. RELATED: Exploring the Path(s) to Digital Subscription Adoption and Increased Revenue It’s a Read More →

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity Is The Key To Success in HR

HR departments are probably the most important departments in Tech companies. Yes, HR – not necessarily R&D, product or marketing – this is the department that its employees set the foundation for the success of any company. It is their responsibility (and goal) to bring in the best and brightest, to create a great diversity of people, capabilities and opinions. As part of this goal, Read More →

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