Do Your Job Candidates Know the Cloud?

Many of the most sought after job applicant selling points have remained constant throughout the years: persistence, commitment, intelligence and a sense of teamwork. But as the world has changed, so have hiring managers’ checklists of “must have” applicant traits. Rising to the top over the past few years? Knowledge of cloud computing. RELATED: Why Overqualified Candidates Might Be a Myth A Closer Look At the Read More →

US Unemployment rate 2006-2016

January Jobs Report: Good But Not Great

Generally speaking, the January jobs report is good news. The US economy continued to add jobs and wages went up slightly. These indicate that the economy is continuing to grow, however that growth may be slowing. While there are several indicators that suggest the economy might be slowing, the general feel is that the US is nearing full-employment. While this is obviously a good thing Read More →


How Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post are Countering Ad Blocking

Amazon and Washington Post CEO Jeff Bezos is known for his unorthodox solutions to problems, and his ideas that seem to shock more than excite. When he announced that Amazon would start using drones for same-day deliveries, most people laughed at the idea. But now, drone delivery services are being developed all over the retail world and Amazon has only begun to scratch the surface Read More →


December Jobs Report Wows Analysts

The December 2015 jobs report exceeded everyone’s expectations, despite the slowdown in economic growth for the third and fourth quarter. RELATED: All You Need to Know About December’s Jobs Report The Growth Was Substantial According to CNBC, economists were projecting that approximately 200,000 new jobs would be added to the U.S. economy in December 2015. If that projection was met, then it would mean significant Read More →


How to Become a World-Class Recruiter

Recruiting is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to running a successful business, but failing to implement best practices in even a few of the steps required to be an all-star recruiter can lead to serious problems. For starters, hiring the wrong candidate can mean productivity issues, concerns when dealing with clients, and in-office attitude friction. Aside from that, the costs involved Read More →


How to Use Social Media to Turn Job Seekers Into Applicants

Social media is a way for companies to put messages out to millions of prospective job candidates to find that one who fits the job description perfectly. While most recruiters use social media as a way to enhance their recruiting efforts, there are powerful ways to use social media to find your next employee and cut down on your recruiting costs. RELATED: How HR Can Read More →


The 4 New Media Technologies All Publishers Need to Know

Traditional media publishers are finding digital publishing to be a lot more dynamic than print ever was. Even when television emerged as the primary way that advertisers reached mass audiences, nothing about the marketing part of the technology changed for decades. Any changes that would occur in print, radio, or television were relatively easy to see coming and media publishers could adapt, and even innovate Read More →


Why More Employers May Be Hiring More Ex-Cons in 2016

According to NBC News, up to 75 percent of ex-convicts cannot find jobs within their first year of being released from prison. Despite doing their time for their crime, many ex-convicts are finding that companies are unwilling to offer the kind of employment that could lead to a better life and a life away from prison. President Obama has recently announced a movement that could Read More →


Thought Leader Series: 5 Tips to Help Increase Visitor Engagement

The mass majority of the world operates digitally. Business, banking, job searches, even food orders can be given online. A website is both a great convenience for visitors and a source of revenue for businesses. Now you have a website…so what’s next? Read on for some tips to help improve and increase visitor engagement on your site. RELATED: 4 Helpful Tools for Measuring Audience Engagement 1. Read More →


How One Magazine’s Makeover Might Provide a Road Map to Building a Community

Much has been made of Rookie Magazine‘s decision to revamp its website. Most notably, the publication for (and largely created by) teenage girls has aimed its sights firmly on community building and audience engagement as a means of boosting both traffic and ad revenues. Let’s look at Rookie’s tactics — and how they might help point you toward your own new frontiers of success. Keeping Read More →

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