5 Ways to Optimize Your Comments Section

Engagement is becoming an increasingly important metric for publishers. Advertisers are not just looking at metrics like pageviews. Instead, they’re looking to see how long individuals are spending on your site and how much they engage with your material. Not only can this help increase advertising revenue, but it plays an important part in whether your readership consistently returns to your site and whether you’re Read More →


How an Explainer Video Can Help Your Trade Association

There is always a great deal of competition when it comes to getting new members for a trade association, especially when you are focusing on gaining new members online. A good membership effort should try to set itself apart from the other associations in as many ways as possible and one effective way is through the use of explainer videos. An explainer video is a Read More →


3 Ways to Boost Audience Development in 2015

It is amazing how fast technology changes and how it affects so many parts of the corporate world. The tactics used for audience development in 2014 may work in 2015, but there have been some changes over the past 12 months that you need to take into account. As you put together your marketing plan for the coming year, a few audience development tactics stand Read More →


Are You Making the Most of Your Video Potential?

Your website is supposed to be designed to generate revenue, but it cannot maximize its revenue potential if you are not keeping up with the latest trends. Multimedia presentations have always been popular on the Internet, but there is more to multimedia than just putting up a picture or a video. If you want to generate more revenue, then you need to properly utilize video. Read More →


4 Audience Development Strategies for Your Healthcare Site

Your healthcare website offers valuable information that could help patients and medical professionals alike. The problem is that you cannot seem to bring in the kind of audience you need to generate revenue and expand your site services. Audience development for a healthcare website is not as difficult as it may seem. When you understand the driving principles behind good audience development, bringing in a Read More →


Building Relationships Has Never Been More Vital for Newspapers and Audience Engagement

When the Internet first took over the media world, the idea of building relationships with website users thousands of miles away seemed a little crazy. After all, how could anyone expect your website to connect with someone you will probably never meet? But as time has gone by, the importance of building strong relationships has come to the forefront and the idea of connecting with Read More →


What is Engagement Marketing and How Do I Use It?

Operating a healthcare job board requires finding effective ways to market yourself, both to healthcare companies that are recruiting and top candidates seeking jobs. Engagement marketing is an increasingly popular technique in today’s marketing landscape, as companies seek to find creative ways to meet consumers on their own terms. By speaking directly to their most urgent needs and being consistently present on their top social Read More →

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Why People Share Content

The goal to creating content for anyone who make money with their content is to have that information shared by others. You could try bribing people to share your content with the promises of lavish prizes, but that is a sure way to go broke in record time. Besides, there are better ways to get people to share your website’s content and expand your traffic. Read More →


4 New Year’s Resolutions for Growing Your Trade Association

It’s now officially 2015 and that means it’s time to get your business strategy mapped out for the coming year. Although most people make resolutions on New Year’s Eve, it’s never too late to solidify the guidelines you’ll follow to achieve success for your organization. Below are four tips you can use during the next 12 months to help grow membership, improve visibility, and increase Read More →


3 Ways to Better Your Job Board in 2015

2015 has arrived, and with it comes new opportunities to grow your job board site, its user base, and its revenue. In fact, the start of a new year is the perfect time to get a strategy in place to further your success over the next 12 months. Whether you plan to add onto your existing job board or you plan to branch out and Read More →

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