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Why’s New Analytics Platform Should Be On Your Radar

If you run a publishing website and are unfamiliar with software, then it is time for you to get familiar, and quickly. In 2012, offered its first analytical software called Dash and it was an instant hit. The software offers detailed insight into what topics and articles are trending on the Internet and helps publishers to keep their content updated and profitable. In Read More →

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How Can a Newspaper Monetize Its Digital Audience?

Monetizing content in today’s digital world has left many print publications scrambling to find alternatives to engage customers and potential customers, but in all of the hurry, it seems a few key points may have been missed. As Matt Lindsay, president of Mather Economics, points out in a recent piece published through the Newspaper Association of America, the ways in which digital avenues have changed Read More →

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How Membership Organizations Can Get Real Value from Social Media

The Internet has undoubtedly revolutionized the way that everyday people organize and interact within their lives, but it has also completely changed the face of business, industry, and marketing. Today’s business owner relies more and more on the web in order to promote his or her business, and marketing professionals representing such businesses are finding that the web is by and large the one-stop-shop among Read More →


Job Aggregation – Is It The Future of Your Job Board?

Job hunters and potential employers are utilizing the Internet to a greater degree than ever before and that creates opportunities for your job board. If more job hunters are using the Internet to find work, then it would stand to reason that your job board should be extremely busy. But there is actually an over-saturation of job boards online and you need an edge to Read More →


What to Do when Email Fatigue Sets In

Email has become one of the most valuable tools for both individuals and business owners, and when the two mix, consumers become a major part of what email has to offer. Unfortunately, because email has become such a huge part of many people’s daily lives, it can tend to become taken for granted, and in the business world, too many emails can be a serious Read More →

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Why Hispanic Online Video Consumption Needs to Be On Your Radar

  If you’re a savvy trade publisher, you already know that video is one of the keys to success in marketing your business throughout 2015 and beyond. But when it comes to demographics, who are you counting on to bring about the most revenue? While white males in their late teens and early twenties are still a highly prized demographic, the tide has been, and Read More →

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5 Ways to Identify New Advertiser Prospects

The proactive online publisher is always looking for new advertisers and new forms of revenue that can help to grow their website. In order to find new advertisers, you need to be persistent and creative. It is not enough to simply identify a potential advertiser and then court them for their business. You need to put together a package that shows that you have something Read More →


The Increasing Push for Audience Attention

Publishers are contending with new demands from advertisers, which is resulting in a shift in the key factors that drive ad rates and revenues from brands. Many advertisers are becoming disenchanted with page views and instead are looking to engagement as a better metric of whether their ads are being seen and acted on. As a result, publishers are being scrutinized for factors such as Read More →

native advertising and cms

The Blurred Lines between Native Ads and Content Management System

As publishers are increasingly offering native advertising as a key advertising format – that is, sponsored posts that integrate the brand promotion of advertising in a more natural content format – the technology behind the process is quickly evolving. Today’s publishers are looking for solutions beyond their content management systems to offer better promotion, targeting, and advanced features like frequency capping. Some are choosing outside Read More →

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Can Newspapers Benefit from Cutting-Edge Tech?

If you’ve grown up anywhere in the last 100 years, you’ve likely heard of, and dreamed of, a day when people would have access to true virtual reality machines, machines that would allow the user to become completely immersed in a three-dimensional world that was created purely from fantasy. While there have been plenty of attempts at such technology over the years, it hasn’t been Read More →

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