Consumer Magazine Circulation Keeps Falling

The chorus of “print is dead” keeps echoing all over the Internet and some of the latest numbers may indicate that there could be some truth to that idea. According to Folio Magazine, subscription rates to printed magazines dropped by 2.2 percent in 2014. Single newsstand copy sales dropped by 14 percent overall, but business magazines such as Entrepreneur and Inc. enjoyed another year of Read More →

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Why the World’s Richest Men Invest in Newspapers

In the midst of the financial chaos that occurred in 2009, billionaire Carlos Slim loaned the owners of the New York Times $250 million. The Times had its financial back up against a wall as its credit line was about to expire and the company needed to solidify its cash position. But the amazing part about this story is not that Slim loaned a quarter Read More →


4 Ways to Better Market Your Nonprofit Association

Although running a non-profit organization is different from running a for-profit company in many ways, when it comes to marketing, the approaches are very similar. You still want to attract customers, even if you aren’t concentrating on generating a profit, and in cases where a non-profit organization seeks memberships, such an organization will need to market to individuals and groups in order to attract and Read More →


How the Relentless Pursuit of Web Traffic can Damage Your Brand

  Traffic is important, and not just to local cops who are checking for speeders. Specifically, Internet traffic is important, and many online business owners have taken hold of this fact in order to become successful. Since the very start of e-commerce, company owners, site administrators, IT specialists, SEO professionals, and others who are involved in running and promoting websites have glommed onto the idea Read More →


How Do You Measure Content Engagement?

When it comes to creating content for your organization, it’s critical to not only know your audience, users, and members, but also to know whether your current content is engaging this audience. The fact is, you have to know your audience in order to know what types of content will be engaging, and then you need to find out which types of content actually are Read More →


Newspapers’ Digital Audience Reaches New Heights

Information is always in demand and more publishers are starting to realize that all they need to do to maintain a profit is shift the way they deliver that information. There was a bit of apprehension among the newspaper publishing community when the Internet started to become popular, but numbers released recently by comScore show that newspapers can survive on the Internet and even grow. Read More →


3 New Trade Show Innovations

Trade shows are some of the best networking opportunities available for trade and professional associations, as well as vendors, and for years, the traditional model of “check-us-out-here’s-my-business-card” has worked; however, in 2015, trade show attendees are expecting more, especially when it comes to technology. If you’re still applying the traditional model of handshakes and elevator pitches, consider the following three trends in trade show innovation: Read More →

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Local News Still Has Plenty of Clout, as Oregon Governor’s Scandal Shows

One of the predictions made many years ago was that regional and national media outlets will eventually make local reporting unnecessary as the Internet expands its reach. However, we find that the truth is the exact opposite as local news outlets are holding public figures accountable and getting results. Local newspapers that offer an interactive and dynamic presence are taking on causes and talking to Read More →


Are Fake Job Ads on Your Site?

When you run a job board, you want to be sure that all of your postings have value for the job hunters who utilize your website. But it may shock you to realize that your job board has fake job ads and that is hurting your website’s reputation. The problem is that finding and dealing with fake job ads may not be as easy as Read More →


Newspapers Need Fewer Ads, More Relationships, Says Media

Undoubtedly, ads are a major part of your publication’s survival. After all, in order to keep consumer costs down, you need to rely on ad revenue, and this revenue also allows you to build relationships with local, regional, and national businesses while creating the foundation for credibility. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to allow ads to get out of control, especially in the face Read More →

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