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Social Media is Big, but Job Boards are Still Tops

Social media was supposed to make job boards obsolete, right? Well, that hasn’t happened and it’s not likely to happen. Social media is great for sharing and keeping in touch, but few people use social media primarily for career-oriented self-marketing. People certainly build connections online related to working life, but the “social” in social media is what most people are after.  If a company is looking Read More →


Save the Date: NAB Small Market Television Exchange September 18 – 20

Are you a television broadcaster with an eye towards audience development? Are you looking for new ways to your grow your business? Then you should attend the NAB Small market Television Exchange (SMTE). What Is The SMTE? The SMTE is the only national meeting designed exclusively for small market group executives and station television broadcasters in DMAs 75+. It will focus on creative ways to Read More →

job boards

Expert Interview with Ryan St. Germaine on Online Job Boards

There’s no question that online job boards have the upper hand over now-prehistoric-seeming print classified ads, but that doesn’t mean site owners get to sit back and enjoy the view from the top of the employment advertising ladder.Perpetually shifting technology presents site operators with huge challenges. “User experience is so important, but the factors that dictate what good user experience is are constantly changing with new Read More →

real time bidding

Madison Avenue Meets Wall Street: Advertising Index for Publishers Goes Live

A leading publisher in the advertising trade is on a mission to increase transparency in buying and selling advertising for publishers. MediaPost Communications is set to introduce the RTB 500, a new index that works similarly to the S&P 500 and other stock indexes familiar to the denizens of Wall Street. But rather than stock prices, the RTB 500, which is more at home on Read More →

media next show

Plan Now to Attend the October 2014 Media Next Show

In the publishing industry, it’s as important as ever to network with industry experts and insiders and stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry. One of the best places to do that is at this October’s MediaNext conference in New York City — the biggest networking event in the magazine and digital publishing industry, and one that information seekers won’t want to Read More →

revenue growth

How Recruitment Advertising Generates Non-Dues Revenue for Your Trade Association

Trade associations are natural fits for recruitment advertising. Employers with half a measure of common sense make trade associations one of the first places they inquire when looking for a candidate with a specialized skill set. But it can remain unclear for many what the benefits are. Here are just a few of the ways that recruitment advertising can be a major driver for non-dues Read More →

niche job board

Mom of Autistic Teen Launches Job Board for Special Needs Applicants

An estimated 70% of Americans of working age with disabilities are not working, and this increases poverty and other societal problems. People with disabilities have more access to high quality education than ever, and technology has evolved to the point where people with disabilities are better able to show how much they can contribute. Most Americans with disabilities want to work, and they can help employers Read More →


The International News Media Association Summit is Coming!

This October, the International News Media Association will bring together the media industry’s leading executives and professionals for its annual INMA Revenue Transformation Summit at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, Colorado. Taking place on October 6-7, the summit will focus on the various revenue efforts by media companies to give newspaper professionals fresh ideas to grow their audience and revenue in the new digital age. Read More →

healthcare blogs

The Many Niches of Healthcare Blogs

Healthcare is an enormous industry, with many facets. And you don’t have to go very far to find extremely specialized healthcare blogs. Why has healthcare created so many niche healthcare blogs, and does that reflect on other industries and their blog opportunities? Natural NichesHealthcare blogging is interesting because, in a sense, the audience comes already broken up into niches and in fact there’s a strong history Read More →

pdf replicas

Could PDF Replicas be the Audience Development Tool You’ve Been Looking For?

Audience development is an important factor for all newspapers and magazines. Without a paying audience, how will you have the money to keep printing and stay in business? With the world moving towards technology, you need to keep up and PDF replicas could be the tool for you. What Are PDF Replicas? These are just as the name suggests: replicas of your publication in a Read More →

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