Get Social: 3 Benefits of a Robust Social Media Presence

Social media is a fact of life for businesses of all types, and as a result, it’s also a fact of life for professional associations that want to get ahead. Your members expect to be able to connect with your association through social media, but they also expect to be able to share their own content through social media and connect with other members online. Read More →


What Do Successful Associations Have In Common?

Whether you’re starting up a professional association or you’ve been running one for years, there are a number of traits that the most successful organizations have in common, and knowing these traits can help you to improve upon your association. If you’re feeling as though you have no direction in running, promoting, and building upon your association, below are some tips to help it to Read More →


The State of Newspapers 2015

The Pew Research Center released its report for the state of the newspaper industry in 2015 using 2014 numbers and the results are a jumbled mix. According to the report published on Journalism.org, the overall circulation for newspapers dropped from 2013 to 2014. But there are some interesting facts that publishers can grab onto and use as inspiration heading into the future. SEE ALSO: 4 Newspaper Read More →


3 Reasons ‘Professional’ Readers Prefer Print Over Digital

Digital publications allow readers to access whatever content they want whenever they want it on any Web-enabled device. You’d think this would mean the demise of print media, but you’d be wrong. A recent piece in Folio reports a distinct preference for print format among young “professional” readers (that is to say, readers of trade, academic, and organizational publications.) Let’s look at three reasons for Read More →

Where the Recruitment Dollars Went on Tuesday June 9, 2015 @ 2PM EST

Upcoming Webinar: Where the Recruitment Dollars Went with Gordon Borrell

First, recruitment advertising evaporated from newspapers.   Now, it seems, they’re evaporating from online, at least for those who chased the advertising business model to the digital world.  But recruiters are actually spending more online than ever.  This year, for the first time, more than half of their money will go to online “services” than toward buying listings and banners.  At a whopping $10 billion, digital Read More →

Audience engagement for b2b magazine

The Big Change Coming for UK Newspapers and Magazines

British publishers who maintain a combined print and digital presence have just breathed a great collective sigh of relief. As reported by Omar Oakes of Campaign, the venerable National Readership Survey (NRS) is giving up its status as the go-to reference for print media audience metrics after almost six decades of service. The organization slated to succeed it is the new Publishers Audience Membership company, Read More →


Is Your Website Changing with Your Readers?

If the only constant in life is change, then you can expect your prospects’ and customers’ habits, preferences, wants, and needs to evolve on a regular basis. The question is, can your publication’s website change as your online readership changes? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Here are some important technological and strategic advances that help you stay abreast of your readers’ dynamic viewing tastes and Read More →


Can This Work? A Look at Pop-Up Magazine’s Live Journalism Experiment

Magazines have been known to sponsor live performances by prominent musical acts or put together lavish awards shows to advance their subject matter, but most magazines would never think about turning their content into live performances. If you want to find a copy of Pop-Up Magazine on your local news stands, you are out of luck. Pop-Up Magazine is performed live once every six months Read More →


Connecting with Readers Via Content Creation

If you are a digital publisher, you probably know your brand identity very well – you are a communicator, after all! You know your niche vertical, what you represent (and what you don’t), and the value you bring to your audience. Still, sometimes it’s a struggle to establish a deep connection with readers. And you want that. A deep connection leads to loyalty, trust, sharing, Read More →

publisher analytics

Analytics and the Newspaper Industry: What Matters and Why?

The interactive nature of the Internet is still something that newspapers are wrestling with, but many papers are starting to see the value of tracking numbers that had been nearly unavailable in the past. When a newspaper uses analytics to capture information on its current client base, it can compare that information to its business goals or current trends and adjust its activities accordingly. But Read More →

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