Looking for Positive Glassdoor Reviews? Try These 4 Strategies

Great Glassdoor reviews are a bit like love: they have to happen naturally. That said, there’s a lot that you can do to improve your odds. Because Glassdoor is becoming as important to job seekers as Angie’s List is to consumers, it pays to take whichever steps you can to encourage current and past employees to shine a light on what makes your company a Read More →


3 Lessons Learned from the Shuttering of Simply Hired

In editorials and blog posts heard ’round the world, Simply Hired is closing its doors. The details of one of the industry’s ground-floor job aggregator services have been stunning, to say the least. But as with any death knell, there’s typically a lesson to be extracted, analyzed and put to good use once you get past the initial shock. RELATED: What Simply Hired Closing Its Doors Read More →


Gannett’s Gamesmanship Continues in Tribune Takeover Bid

In a modern example of tenacity, Gannett has dug in its heels about a Tribune takeover. On April 12, Gannett privately offered Tribune a healthy sum of $815 million. Tribune soundly rejected the offer, taking a poison pill defense. Gannett then sweetened the deal to $865 million, and still Tribune refused. The former is brimming with steely determination. The latter insists it’s not going to Read More →


Understanding What Veterans Seeking Employment Are Looking For

Some of the most dedicated and hardest working people that you’ll ever encounter are U.S. military veterans. They’ve typically got a great work ethic, and they’re more than willing to go the extra mile. As for teamwork, they’ve got that in spades. But even with all of that going for them, hiring vets can be a challenge. Technology makes a difference, though. With that working Read More →


Expert Interview: Caitlin MacGregor, CEO of Plum, Discussing Online Recruiting

  How has online recruiting evolved since you got into the business? Since coming into the business, online recruiting has evolved from being an online job search platform where job seekers can search and apply for jobs to a competitive marketing tool. We have seen an evolution of the business having the upper hand at choosing candidates, to a world where candidates are now being Read More →


How Managers Can Find the Best IT Talent

Many IT hiring managers would say that there’s a significant gap between the talent that they need to fill a position and the availability of qualified candidates. It’s a known issue in the IT sector. But it’s also one that has a solution or two. RELATED: 4 Tips on Hiring the Best Talent for Your Company While some companies struggle with finding any qualified talent, much Read More →


Put the Checkbook Away: Top 3 Perks Job Candidates Are Looking For

Are you thinking about a career move? CareerBuilder says that it might not be long before you’re in the same spot as the candidates you scout. According to a survey of over 3,000 people, which the job resource website released back in December, about one in five expect to change jobs this year. So now for the big question: what do job seekers really want? Read More →


The Washingtonian Took a Gamble with Its Homepage and Boy Did it Pay Off

The Washingtonian took a major risk with their homepage just after the first of the year and it turned out beautifully. Instead of the classic view, visitors got a newsfeed-style page with a whole new look and feel. But that’s not the only thing that changed. According to Digiday, Washingtonian homepage unique visitors climbed 18 percent and the bounce rate dropped by 30 percent. And Read More →


5 Talent Acquisition Trends that Boost Company Reputation

The employer brand can make or break even the greatest recruiting strategy and most sophisticated technology. That’s why some of the biggest trends in recruiting right now have a sharpened focus on company reputation. RELATED: 3 Critical Areas Helping Fuel the Transformative State of Talent Acquisition They work hand-in-hand, recruiting and reputation/brand management. You have a product to sell, that product is a job. Whether Read More →


4 Recruitment Strategies That Will Save You Time

With only so many hours in a work day, time really is money. How you spend it on recruitment has a direct effect on your bottom line. It can also make or break the candidate experience. RELATED: How to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy: A Conversation Maybe some of your practices were great at one time. But times change, and so do applicant expectations. There are occasions Read More →

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