Turning Millennials into Managers: Yes, it Can be Done

Is any generation more disparaged in the workplace than Millennials? They’re entitled, some say. They want too many perks and aren’t quite as disciplined as past generations. So what to do about the fact that Baby Boomers are retiring in droves and businesses need a new crop of managers? The first thing to do is let go of the stereotypes. Millennials are talented, young, and Read More →


Should Employers Continue Drug Testing Employees?

Drug testing employees is routine for many employers. It’s likely been the policy for as long as senior leadership can remember. And so, every time a new hire joins the company, they’re sent off to pee in a cup and prove they’re drug-free. A recent survey of around 70,000 working people across the U.S. found that 48.2 percent were getting screened for drugs by employers. Read More →


What Personality Tests Mean for Your Hiring Process

Wouldn’t it be great to peek into the mind of a prospective employee to learn whether he or she would be a good company fit? In a way, that’s what personality tests can do. More employers are using them, and with interesting results. The most useful tests aren’t created in-house or relied on as the foundation of whether or not to hire. But there are Read More →

Job posting

The Last Job Posting Guide You’ll Ever Need (For Now)

If your job posting efforts haven’t changed substantially over the past few years, there’s no way around it: It’s time for a change. The same applies if you think it’s little more than a notification and invitation to apply. Great job postings are technically ads, but also a bit different. They’re not just ads for a job. The best ones are company ads. Employer brand Read More →

newspapers and department stores

The Once-Thriving Marriage Between Newspapers and Department Stores is on the Rocks

Newspapers and department stores no longer have a loving relationship. After generations of what appeared to be a match made in heaven, retail giants, particularly Macy’s, are cutting back on the lifeblood that keeps newspapers alive. That’s ad revenue. While a suspiciously wandering eye permeates the real world versus digital climate, print and retail haven’t parted ways just yet. They still have a mutually beneficial Read More →


How Much Does Posting Jobs Really Cost You?

Open positions don’t save the company money, even though there’s no paycheck issued to an empty workstation. In some cases, especially with tech positions, the act of posting jobs means you’re losing money. And the longer the chair stays empty, the worse the situation becomes. You can learn a lot about the value of every employee on board by calculating the cost of that spot Read More →

11 Photos Every Recruiter Can Identify With From Rio

11 #Rio16 Memes Every Recruiter Identifies With

The 2016 Olympics games have been great thus far. One of the best sides of the Games are the numerous pictures of athletes doing incredible things. But some of these facial images can look familiar to anyone who has ever tried to satisfy a hiring manager, a job applicant, and everyone else on the hiring food chains. Here are 11 memes from Rio 2016 that Read More →

Gold Medal Employer Branding

7 Innovative Ways To Get A Gold Medal For Your Employer Brand

Hint: Just listening can go a long way. A strong personal brand is a fundamental component of your success not only as an employer, but also as a hiring manager. And on a larger scale, your employer brand is often synonymous with your company brand. So it’s important to make sure that you are doing all that you can to enhance your brand and really Read More →

recruitment tactics

9 Vital Resources For Successful Recruitment Tactics

What will be the first step you take when one of your top performers resign? You will look for candidates who have similar skill set and experience to fill their shoes. Needless to say, it’s hard to find ideal replacements all the time. So, how do you deal with this situation? With an efficient recruiting strategy, of course. The problem is that no holy book Read More →


Headquarters for Sale: Newspapers are Selling Their Buildings Due to Declining Newspaper Revenues

It would have been virtually impossible to predict just a few decades ago and even more difficult to believe. The bustling, sometimes even iconic buildings where news has hit the page for so many years are being sold off as nothing more than assets to liquidate. In fact, for some papers, the buildings are more valuable than the once-thriving businesses that occupied them. Real estate Read More →

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