4 Facebook Audience Engagement Lessons Learned from a Police Department

4 Facebook Audience Engagement Lessons Learned from a Police Department

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most powerful engagement tools being used on the Internet these days, and if you aren’t leveraging Facebook’s tools for your own association, you run the risk of losing out on potential membership enrollment. Also, as more and more people, both in their personal and professional lives, rely on Facebook and other social media for interaction with professional organizations and Read More →

Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

According to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, the amount of revenue generated by circulation dollars was greater than the amount of revenue generated by advertising in 2014. This small piece of information holds some monumental implications for companies that engage in digital media and print media. What Does This Mean? The news that circulation revenue outpaced advertising revenue has two significant implications. Read More →

How the New York Times Uses Reddit

How the New York Times is Using Reddit to Connect its Editors to Audiences

When it comes to numbers, most online media outlets are primarily concerned with subscriptions and web hits. When a story goes viral, it starts to send all kind of numbers back to the media outlet that shows just how far the story went. But the problem is that all of those numbers do not really tell the outlet why the story took off. According to Read More →

Online vs Offline Marketing-Where's the Best Return

Online vs Offline Marketing: Where’s the Best Return?

Marketing as we know it has changed – forever. When we think about marketing, in the 21st century, we have to alter that thinking a bit. It is no longer a matter of reaching out to the masses in the hopes of appealing to a handful. These days marketing is about connecting and sharing expertise in the hopes of building a community of loyal followers Read More →


Polls, Yes, Polls(!) Can Increase Audience Engagement

Posting new content to your trade publication’s website can sometimes make you feel like you’re shouting into a void — after all, asking for interactive responses isn’t the same thing as inspiring them. That’s why the announcement of instant-polling site Wedgie’s integration with cross-channel posting site Embed.ly should make digital publishers sit up and take notice. Let’s look at how instant polling could serve as Read More →

Target Audience

How To Define Your Target Audience

You likely know the term, “target audience”, but do you really know what it means? For many, a target audience is a group of people that is sought after for one reason or another. While this is true to an extent, a target audience is much more than that. If you’re defining your association’s or organization’s target audience as the people you would like to Read More →

Creating Experiences

Creating Experiences Is The Key To Audience Engagement

If you thought that engaging potential members for your professional or trade association simply meant sending out a newsletter, get ready for a rude awakening. In the ever-competitive world of member recruitment and retention, the latest trend is the experience. An experience can be defined as engagement that connects, as opposed to simple engagement such as a newsletter or website visit. Even content marketing, which Read More →

3 Ways to Attract More Female Applicants

3 Ways to Draw More Female Applicants

According to U.S. News and World Report, the percentage of women in the workplace has gone from 27 percent in 1979, up to 41 percent in 2014. A jump of 14 percent in less than 40 years means that employers can expect more women to be looking for jobs in the coming years and that means that job ads will need to be more effective Read More →

How to Use Revenue Per Visitor Metrics for Your Association

How to Use Revenue Per Visitor Metrics for Your Association

When calculating success for a website, there are many metrics that can be analyzed, including bounce rate, conversion rate, and referrals. These metrics tell you what’s working, where it’s working, and how it’s working. Along with that, key metrics can determine where something is not working, allowing you to easily spot a fix. For trade associations and professional organizations, metrics take on a slightly different, Read More →

Facebook's Instant Articles Everything You Need to Know

Facebook’s Instant Articles: Everything You Need to Know

The company that changed the face of social media has decided to change the face of online content creation and distribution. Facebook Instant Articles is a new mobile platform for publishers to post their own mixed-media content — not only articles, but also native ads. Here’s what you need to know about the revolutionary new option for your digital trade publication. SEE ALSO: What Facebook’s Instant Read More →

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