ASME Revises Advertising Guidelines

The invisible (if porous) wall between editorial and advertising has been replaced by a softer, more flexible barrier — a barrier that may actually prove more beneficial to parties on both sides, not to mention readers of print and online media everywhere. As reported by Michel Sebastian in Advertising Age, the American Society of Magazine Editors has just performed the most drastic revision of its Read More →


How and Why the Newspaper Industry is Rebranding Itself

The newspaper industry used to have a stranglehold on the distribution of information in the United States that not even television seemed to be able to break. But as digital publishing gains momentum, it is starting to look like the old ways of delivering the news are on the verge of being replaced. But the standard news outlets that have spent the better part of Read More →


5 Tips for Writing Effective Job Descriptions

  For a long time now, employers have been under the false impression that their job ads should be worded to prevent unqualified people from applying for the position. But according to Business News Daily, a good job ad should be written to attract the perfect candidates. All you are doing when you are trying to keep unqualified candidates away is leaving out the information Read More →


How Has Jeff Bezos Changed The Washington Post?

When CEO Jeff Bezos paid $250 million for the Washington Post in March 2013, the move had a lot of people scratching their heads. Up to that point, Bezos had showed great initiative in innovating the Internet retail world, but not many people understood his connection to the icons of standard media such as the Washington Post. Some of the immediate changes Bezos made Read More →


How Native Ads and Mobile Can Work Together

There can be little doubt that mobile is where the money is. The mobile advertising market is expected to hit a staggering $38.1 billion by the year 2018, according to CMO. At the same time, the ASME’s more relaxed viewpoint on the relationship between editorial and marketing content makes native advertising more appealing than ever to trade publications that maintain an online presence. It’s inevitable, Read More →


One-Sentence Newspaper Stories and the Impact of the Apple Watch

It is said that those who can adapt to technology the fastest are the ones who will generate the most profit. In some cases, adapting to technology does not necessarily make everything better. For example, Apple is preparing to launch the first in a line of products it calls ‘smart wearable devices’ in the form of its Apple Watch, and the media industry is already Read More →


Cablevision Offers to Buy the NY Daily News for a Dollar?!

There has been a rash of newspaper buying lately and we do not mean the papers being purchased at the newsstand. Recently, billionaire Warren Buffett shocked the world when he purchased 63 newspapers from a failing newspaper conglomerate that had seen its stock price drop by around 90 percent in the past four years. And you’re no doubt aware that’s CEO Jeff Bezos purchased Read More →


4 Content Strategy Tips for Member Communication

Communication is one of the key elements in running any successful relationship, whether it be personal, professional, or otherwise. If you are seeking to engage, attract, or retain members, then you’ll note how communication can make or break your mission. Although communicating via the Internet may come across as awkward at first, especially since so much communication surrounding professional associations takes place in person, many Read More →

magazine scam

Subscription Fraud Targeted More Than 40 Publishers, Say Authorities

You were receiving your share of subscription offers by mail long before you entered the publishing game yourself — mail-outs urging you to renew your magazine subscription at a great low rate before it expires, or inviting you to subscribe for the first time. They’ve always seemed innocent enough, and your own publication’s circulation has probably benefited from them over the years. But these notices Read More →


4 Great Design Ideas for Your Association Newsletter

Your association’s newsletter is one of its greatest assets when it comes to acquiring new members, as well as retaining current members. Whether sent out daily, weekly, monthly, or beyond, a newsletter is a fantastic tool that keeps current members engaged while providing potential members with pertinent information regarding what your association or professional organization has to offer. Unfortunately, with all that you have going Read More →

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