A RealMatch Thanksgiving

What Publishers Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Just in time for Turkey Day and the Holiday Season, RealMatch Partners share why they love working with us.     MORE REACH “T Jobs is unprecedented in its ability to not only reach thousands of the most qualified candidates but also reach the highly skilled, well-informed and sophisticated readership that is available” – Andy Wright, Senior Vice President, Advertising, The New York Times MORE SALES Read More →


Newspaper Ad Spending is Up! Can the Momentum Continue?

Newspaper publishers still count on print advertising to bring in the majority of their revenue every year. Digital advertising was supposed to replace print advertising and the newspaper industry was supposed to see unlimited revenue from Internet ads, but that is not happening. There are two reasons why digital advertising is not what it was hyped to be. The first is that there are a Read More →


How to Attract Millennials to Your Company

The millennial generation is unlike any previous generation when it comes to hiring. Millennials, often considered to be people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, have grown up in an era where technology has become a part of virtually everything they do. From computers to smartphones and apps to search engines, today’s millennial worker comes along with a strong need to be Read More →


How Mobile Can Make or Break Your Job Board Success

If you’re like most people, you own and use some form of mobile device. In fact, you may be reading this on a mobile device right now. Smartphones, tablets, and even wearable tech have become standard equipment for people of all ages these days, and this means that job seekers are turning to mobile tech more than ever to find work. Also, employers are really Read More →


7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Employee

In a perfect world, the workplace would consist of individual employees working symbiotically toward a common goal. In the real world the fact is that some people are more difficult than others. While learning to deal with difficult people may not be at the top of your “to do” list as a hiring manager, it is an essential skill — both in the workplace and Read More →


How to Get Visitors to Spend More Time with Your Native Ads

Native ads are those ads that are not as intrusive as banner and link ads, and they are supposed to add value for the reader. Whether or not native ads enhance the reading experience for the user is up for debate, but The Atlantic has learned that good native advertising can definitely increase revenue. According to Digiday.com, the new native ads on The Atlantic’s website Read More →


How to Avoid Dead Jobs on Your Job Board

Job aggregators are starting to take over the online job board world, but that may not be the great thing that everyone thinks it is. According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, New York State uses a job aggregator for its free job board service and a good number of them are dead jobs. That means they are jobs that have already been filled, or Read More →


What’s the Future of the Paywall?

For centuries, newspaper publishers offered the same stories and advertising to masses of people, and then collected their shekels each week as part of a subscription payment. The act of the paper delivered coming to the door each Friday to collect on the subscription costs had become as much of a part of daily life as the morning coffee. When something is done successfully for Read More →


How Will Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Affect the News Industry?

When Apple and Facebook decided to get into the news distribution business, the move signaled the beginning of the end for the ability of publishers to determine how their content is delivered to customers. On the one hand, social media platforms delivering news stories can affect just how much revenue the publishers can generate, and it can add a sort of random element to the Read More →


5 Reasons Employers Shouldn’t Pay to Post

Job seekers and employers alike have turned the Internet into a one-stop shop for employment these days, and while job boards have many benefits, they also have many downsides. When employers open positions, job seekers can apply by the dozens, the hundreds, or even the thousands. This leads to productivity issues for employers and many wasted hours by those interested in employment. RELATED: The Cost of Read More →

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