State of the Newspaper Publishing Industry

State of the Newspaper Publishing Industry

Earlier this year, RealMatch President Terry Baker presented a state of the industry view of the newspaper publishing industry to an exclusive team of insiders. His insights show an industry in great transition – though this should be no surprise to anyone. One of the main takeaways was that newspapers are creating local digital marketing agencies, which service everything from advertising to website building to Read More →


How to Find the Best Freelancers

Freelance isn’t as trendy as it used to be; now it’s got a solid place in nearly any industry, from housekeeping services to graphic design. Problem is, where is all of this talent hiding, and what makes them tick? Freelance might very well be the wave of the future. All indicators point that direction. So there’s no better time than now to hone your skill Read More →

Las Vegas Review Journal

Mutiny in the Making: How the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Controversial Takeover Has Taken Its Toll on Employees

Newspaper takeovers, hostile or otherwise, are rarely a good time for most of the people involved. Editors, particularly, can find themselves in a bad spot. Add in a level of secrecy, and the new owners aren’t likely to have anyone on their team. That’s what happened just a few months ago at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and the wake of this buyout transaction brought the Read More →

managers and recruiters

Why Hiring Managers and Recruiters Need to Get on the Same Page

They’re supposed to be allies, but the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers can certainly feel adversarial sometimes. Both want the same thing: to fill job openings with the best talent. But because the roles approach hiring from different points of view, sometimes efforts can appear to be at cross-purposes. RELATED: Why Hiring Managers and Recruiters Need to Get on the Same Page Hiring managers have Read More →

communication with job applicants

4 Tips for Effectively Communicating With Job Applicants

Have you ever applied for a job and then never heard a word back from the employer? If you’re like most people, that has happened to you more than once. Remember how it made you feel and how it shaped your opinion about the company, and maybe even how you shared that experience with your peers? Then imagine how different the experience would have been Read More →

3 Critical Areas Helping Fuel the Transformative State of Talent Acquisition

3 Critical Areas Helping Fuel the Transformative State of Talent Acquisition

For me, the month of April was great as it represented an opportunity to meet with hundreds of Talent Acquisition professionals – both while at ERE in Las Vegas and SHRM in Orlando.  So it’s pretty safe to say that April was an eventful month all around given the conversations, the great networking and oh ya, those destinations (also because of the bug caught while traveling, Read More →


How to Attract Job Applicants When Your Company is Located in a Bad Location

Recruiting can be a tough enough job. Factor in an employer that’s situated 50 miles in every direction from no place especially exciting, and you might have a hard time finding any candidate who is interested in relocation. Any recruiter worth her salt can bring in candidates for a high-demand job in a great city. Filling less-than-desirable positions gives you the chance to polish up Read More →

Marrying Online and Offline

Marrying the Online Job Board with the Offline Experience

AL DÍA and RealMatch Use Career Fair To Launch Online Job Board On April 27th, 2016, AL DÍA News Media, a multi-platform news media organization which showcases the fullness of the Latino experience in the United States, hosted a Philadelphia Diversity Career Fair in honor of the career fair’s 15th anniversary. The national newspaper focusing on Hispanic news also used that opportunity to launch its Read More →


How to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy to Get Better Candidates

There are good recruiters, and then there are great ones. What makes the difference? It’s the combination of a lot of traits and practices that work in concert to make a well-rounded professional who’s always a step ahead instead of one who follows trends. RELATED: How You Can Snag the Best Candidates Top recruiters have mad skills, and they don’t appear by accident. To be the Read More →


Top 4 Recruiting Communication Blunders

With all of the tools and technology available to recruiters, communication missteps still happen. This is especially a problem with passive candidates, but it can happen with active job seekers too. And when an initial message goes bad, you might lose that candidate forever. RELATED:  How Subpar Job Postings are Sabotaging Your Recruiting Communication is as much of an art as it is a skill. You Read More →

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