Why Publishers LOVE Real-Time Data

The time-honored phrase “get real” has taken on a new, urgent meaning in the world of digital publishing and marketing. Real-time data has become the Holy Grail for publishers and advertisers alike, although many publishers finding the pursuit of these treasured numbers an uphill battle. Let’s take a quick look at the value, benefits and challenges of using real-time data. SEE ALSO: Page Views vs. Read More →


Can a Tablet Edition Boost Your Newspaper?

In 2013, the Montreal, Quebec newspaper La Presse+ launched its tablet app to help reach a more mobile audience. Two years later, the La Presse+ app is said to account for nearly 60% of the newspaper’s revenue and is recognized as one of the best newspaper tablet apps in the world. According to, the Toronto Star was so impressed with what La Presse+ had Read More →


4 New Job Boards and What They’re Doing Differently

As the online job board industry changes, we can expect to see new entries into the job board industry on a fairly regular basis. Some are websites that have changed their name and approach, while others are brand new to the game and have something unique to offer. According to US News and World Report, many job hunters are utilizing online listings to find out Read More →


A Guide to Using Twitter to Increase Audience Engagement

Many businesses don’t know how to use Twitter to achieve their promotional goals. They compare Twitter to impression-based models like billboards, TV, or radio, where the objective is to get impressions with as many ears or eyes as possible. SEE ALSO: Examining the News Habits of Facebook and Twitter Users But Twitter doesn’t necessarily work that way. Because it’s a social platform (which means it’s Read More →


Why German Newspapers are Starting to See Success

Germany is considered to be the largest European consumer of news, which only helped to amplify the devastating effects of the surge of the Internet offering free news in the 1990s. For years, the revenue of the entire German newspaper publishing industry has been in a freefall and it looked like there could be no solution. But in 2014, the Business Insider reported that German Read More →

Recruitment Advertising

How Recruitment Advertising Can Be More Like Regular Advertising

My cousin wanted to advertise a new snack that his startup company had just developed. He figured out the best target audience for his a product. He then found several websites that seemed to have similar audiences. He called these sites and negotiated campaign rates. Finally, he sent the selected websites one ad that he believed would generate the best results for the campaign. SEE Read More →


4 Reasons Your Brand Should Be On Instagram

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words — and if that’s true, then a picture shared on a platform as powerful and popular as Instagram could be worth it’s weight in gold to businesses. If you’ve only thought of Instagram as a place to post and doctor the occasional photo, then you’re missing out on a potential gold mine for your company. Read More →


Is Consolidation the Future for Newspapers?

According to, there has been a rash of local newspapers that have been consolidated under one company for the past couple of years. The Tribune Publishing Company recently purchased 38 daily and weekly local papers to add to its growing roster, while American Consolidated Media sold off the last of its local papers last year. Local newspapers are consolidating, and industry observers are starting Read More →


Universities Could Be a New Source of Revenues for Newspapers

It’s no secret that local newspapers have been using the power of their brand to co-sponsor or fully sponsor local conferences and trade shows. By sponsoring local events, newspapers generate extra revenue and expand their influence. But as print advertising continues to decline and digital advertising struggles to make up the difference, many papers are finding that seminars and trade shows are great ways to Read More →


Page Views vs. Engagement: What You Really Need to Focus On

Positive web analytics can brighten a digital publisher’s day in all sorts of ways — including some rather misleading ones. You may be cheered by high page view and impression counts on your website, but an increasing number of publishers (and the advertisers who support them) are turning away from page views as the dominant factor in determining digital success. Let’s explore why page views Read More →

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